The start of a new semester can be tough on your wallet, what with all the books, biros and beer (joke!) you’ll be buying. With that in mind, here are some top budget beauty buys to keep you looking sharp for Freshers week.
Boyfriends, fathers and brothers the length and breadth of the country were confused when their favourite shaving balm started to disappear from their bathroom cabinets. 
Nivea Post Shaving Balm, popularised by famous YouTuber Nikkie Tutorials, has achieved cult-like status for its Amazonian priming properties. 
The cheap as chips shaving balm has been credited to help makeup go on smoother and stay on longer, longer in fact than either the Smashbox Photofinish offering or Benefit’s Porefessional. 
With a high glycerine content and the ability to keep oil at bay all day, guys you’ve been busted-the secret to a great complexion is out.
Remember when UGG Australia boots were the lifeblood of every Irish girl (and some guys) wardrobes? 
Yep us too, and although they were incredibly comfortable, they did have their downsides (mainly the expense and the upkeep). 
Now there’s a new must have hot item in town, and this time it’s an addition to your makeup wardrobe. 
Highlighter and strobing are to 2016 what UGG boots were to the mid 2000’s and we’re not sorry about it. 
Get your #highlightonfleek and slay a b**ch with those cheek bones with Makeup Revolution’s highlighter in Golden Lights. 
The white-gold shimmery highlight is definitely comparable with some of its higher end counterparts in terms of quality and colour, think Nars Albatross but without the hefty price tag.
For a paltry €3.50 you can pick up this beauty from your local Superdrug or Meagher’s Pharmacy and shine for the gods. 

Sticking with Makeup Revolution (we’re not sponsored we swear!), we have some pretty nifty eyeshadow palettes to tell you about. 
Introducing the I Heart Chocolate eyeshadow palette. Do you heart chocolate? We certainly do! If it looks a little bit familiar that’s because it’s an almost perfect dupe for Too Faced’s OG Chocolate Bar palette. 
Sure it might be missing that oh so dreamy chocolatey scent, but for a fraction of the price, we won’t complain. 
With 16 shadows ranging from satins to mattes, the Makeup Revolution offering could be just the palette to keep your peepers looking pretty this college semester. 
I Heart Chocolate comes in at an affordable €11.18, whereas as the original Chocolate Bar palette is a whopping €47. We know which one we’d choose!
Another close contender for the best budget beauty brand is Sleek Makeup. I’ve spoken before about the quality and colour selection of the brand’s i-divine eyeshadow palettes, now it’s their Solstice highlighting palette that has everyone talking. 
The sleek (see what we did there) rose gold toned packaging is a welcome addition to any makeup vanity and houses 4 deliciously metallic highlighters, 3 powder and one cream. 
Ecliptic, the gorgeous blush toned cream highlighter in the palette, is quite subdued on its own, but is a perfect layering product if you wanted to make your highlight really pop. 
Our favourite shade of the bunch and one to watch out for is Equinox, a beautiful coppery peach colour that looks suspiciously close to BeccaxJaclynHill Champagne Pop.   
At €14.49, it’s a little on the pricier side, but have a 2 for €18 offer going on at the moment so get a friend to chip in and you can call it a wallet friendly €9.00.
What are your favourite budget beauty buys? Guys are you cool with letting your girlfriends borrow your favourite Nivea Shaving Balm? Let us know in the comments.