David Pheasey gives the men out there his top tips in how to wrap up warm and still look stylish this January.
Christmas may have come and gone but, unfortunately for those of us who enjoy a warmer climate, the cold is here to stay for another few weeks. Dressing for the winter is a tricky task. You’re either way too cold or you look like the Michelin Man. Luckily for you guys, I’m here to give you some top tips for keeping the cold out while looking slick.
Winter boots have come back into play over the last two years. They are a great way of keeping your feet cosy and dry, while still looking great. Don’t make the same mistake as so many of us already have and wear Roche Runs in the cold or rain. Your day will immediately go downhill. Rapidly.
While the boots will keep your feet dry and warm, for those of us who love that added bit of heat, wear a pair of ankle socks under your socks to keep your feet toasty.
Working up, once your feet are warm the rest of your lower body will be too.  Dark wash jeans are best at this time of year. My favourite I’ve got were navy skinny jeans in Pennys. I got two pairs at the end of October and they still look great.
Then we reach your main body. This is where it all can go horribly wrong or right. First off, start with a well-fitted undershirt. If it’s too big and baggy it will show under your clothes, while if it’s too small and tight you will be uncomfortable. You want one that will hug your body.
Three buttoned Henley’s are a great alternative to the run of the mill tee shirt, and because of its traditionally snug fit, it is a sure fire way of keeping you snug and warm on these cold January mornings. With its three buttons it can be worn as an undershirt or as your main top.
Then begin to add layers. This winter has seen the return of cable knit jumpers to the high street. They are great for keeping warm on cold mornings while you wait for a bus that may or may not turn up. On the upside, should the love of your life turn up, you will be dressed to impress.
Then comes the best part of winter fashion, winter coats. If you are looking to keep warm over the next few weeks, ditch the hoodie or tracksuit top and invest in one or two winter coats. This winter has seen the Parka make its long awaited return to the high street.  Everyone is wearing them. From hipsters to business men, everyone is wearing a Parka. But, it is not the only option out there. Peacoats are a fantastic way to look the part and keep warm.
Or if you are insisting on wearing a hoodie, wear it under a gillet for a really nice and warm casual look. Perfect for those mornings when you are nursing the mother of all hangovers on your way to your 9am lecture.
Next, comes my favourite part of getting dressed, the accessories. Winter is a great time for accessories. Beanies are perfect for any college student. We’ve all had our bad hair days, but with the aid of a beanie your bad hair day is nonexistent to the general public, while your ears are kept at a perfect temperature.
Dressing for the weather and looking smart is do-able, once you go about things the right way. Stay away from ill-fitting clothes which are loose and baggy when layering and most importantly have fun with your look!
Photo: brandon andersen/ Flickr