Exam season is in the air and it’s time to let that the hidden procrastinator in you comes out to play.

You might have tricked yourself into thinking you’re the world’s greatest studier, but it’s time to stop lying to yourself. Chances are you’ll see a bit of yourself in either one, or a few of these types of procrastinator:

The excuse maker

The plan was to start studying at 9 am, but you slept in and now it’s 9.30 am. There’s no point on starting now, you may as well just leave it till tomorrow, right?

The all-of-a-sudden TV addict

Really it’s Netflix’s fault. The minute that you need to prepare for that summer exam, you realise how amazing Game of Thrones is. Rather inconveniently (or conveniently), it’s imperative that you watch every episode of the four seasons- immediately.

The highlighter

Phew, that was such a long day of intense studying; I must have highlighted every inch of my marketing book. Now I know the really important bits that I have to learn off. Tomorrow’s studying: highlighting the business text book from back to front.

The Masterchef

Funnily enough, it’s around exam time that you gain a flare for cooking, baking or just creating ridiculous recipes that you’d never eat at any other time of the year. The fridge is your best friend and you cease to care about the judging eyes of family members, who watch as you dip a block of cheddar into a jar of Mayonnaise.

The power-napper

Looking at books hurts your eyes and the words start to cross over each other into one big blur. After an intense 20-minute session of cramming, it’s only fair that you sleep for 30 minutes to build up some energy. There’s probably some health guru somewhere that would encourage this napping.

The neat freak

After finally settling down at your desk, you see that the surface is quite dusty. How could you possibly study in this filth? Soon a chain of events commence where your wardrobe needs organising, you need to do the washing, you need to find out what’s under the bed and all of your bedding needs changing.

The social butterfly

Oh wow, there’s no way that anyone will believe that I figured out that equation. I must take a picture of it and share it with everyone on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr. Feck it, I might as well see what everyone else is getting up to while I’m at it.

The YouTube troll

One movie trailer turns into 20 and then you see a video of the ridiculous things that animals do. It would be rude not to. While you’re at it, you take the time to catch up on the latest episode of the Graham Norton Show.

So which one are you?

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