If you've got nothing better to do, why not check out Blathin's top 20 ways to procrastinate.

Despite the pressure of exams looming, it’s hard not to get distracted when everything just seems so much more fun when you have to study!

We’re all guilty of it and we completely understand your pain here at campus.ie so we’ve compiled a list of some of the best ways to procrastinate for those of you looking to avoid the books for another few hours!

  1. Facebook stalk people you haven’t spoken to since school

  2. Stalk the Instagram accounts of random celebrities

  3. Make a list of everything you need to do this week and decide to do them later

  4. Try to carry out a text conversation with someone solely through emojis

  5. Make a start on those books you’ve always wanted to read by making a list (then decide you don’t actually have time to read them but still you’ve made a start with the list right?)

  6. Decide that cleaning and organising your room is an urgent task that needs to be completed.

  7. Ditto for your wardrobe, matching up all the odd socks is a genuine priority

  8. Decide now is the time to get fit for the summer, devise an intense exercise regime, do some sit ups and decide it’s too much work.

  9. Make a fort

  10. Watch YouTube tutorials and console yourself that at least you’re studying something.

  11. Spot social media arguments – 100 comments, CAPSLOCK and insults?? Grab the popcorn it’s on!

  12. Make lots of tea/coffee/water this will take up at least five minutes and you need to stay hydrated so this is a perfectly acceptable diversion

  13. Sure a few weeks ago cereal was fine, but now you need some serious brain food, spend some time on Pinterest and Instagram looking up amazing meals, it’ll help you study right?

  14. Catch up on any TV show. Never seen Breaking Bad or Girls? What better time could there be?

  15. Stare out your window until something interesting happens

  16. Search the most random things on Wikipedia, keep clicking on every link until you don’t know how you even got to the page you’re on. You’ll access loads of new and interesting information. See you’re still learning!

  17. Has your bed ever looked so appealing? Take a power nap, it’s very important you pace yourself and don’t get burned out so shut those weary eyes

  18. Download some new games such as 2048, so addictive it will instantly erase any thoughts other than the task at hand. Study what study?

  19. Annoy your other half or roommate, poke them, hide their stuff, try to scare them in increasingly creative ways, you’ll soon forget all about study, wait for the retaliation and then the war begins

  20. Read this article and others about procrastinating while procrastinating

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