Mandy Campbell discusses the famous YouTube star.
Jenna Marbles is the second most popular female content creator on YouTube. At 30 years old, she has become a notable YouTube name and one of the few content creators that has managed to get, and keep, an audience. Jenna Marbles had been making vlogs for a long time before her sketch video, "How To Trick People Into Thinking You're Good Looking", rapidly gained her popularity. Right now, she has 17.5 million subscribers and she attracts a loyal, devoted fan base with her weekly uploads.
Jenna's real name is actually Jenna Mourey; she adapted the name Jenna Marbles from her chihuahua, Mr Marbles, after her mother complained that a search for the name 'Mourey' only brought up Jenna's videos. As well as making videos for YouTube, Jenna also has a Master's degree in Sport Psychology and Counselling, and is very athletic. She has two Italian greyhound dogs named Peach and Kermit, her chihuahua Mr Marbles and a hamster named Ad, all of whom make special appearances in her videos, they feature in "How To Care For Your Cermet". She has a boyfriend named Julien Solomita, who also creates videos for YouTube.
Jenna Marbles' videos are mostly comedy, but what I like about her is that she doesn't necessarily force content to gain popularity. She will often start her videos saying, "this is a video that I really wanted to make", which is admirable, considering the controversy surrounding the YouTube algorithm and the issues with ad revenue and monetisation. She is unapologetically herself and has always stayed true to both her interests and her type of content. This is how she has managed to amass a large following who continuously watch her videos, buy her merchandise and take part in her livestreams. In a way, Jenna is probably one of the only YouTubers who has 'figured out' the YouTube algorithm without even attempting to figure it out. She has also matured over her years of making content, and this is visible throughout the timeline of her videos. This is also difficult to do as an online personality but somehow, without even trying, Jenna continues to succeed. Although she is mature and creates more grown-up videos from time to time, her personality has not changed. She has an extremely childlike sense of humour and loves to joke with people. This makes her content versatile as there is always a video of hers to watch, no matter what mood you're in.
I started watching Jenna Marbles five years ago and although I love her content now, I still like to go back to some of her old videos as a journey of introspection, as well as to note the differences in her video quality and style. She inspires me because she seems like a very powerful woman who handles herself well and maintains a shining online presence. She has made a business out of being herself but has not let that change her. I look up to her as a feminist because she is an example of just how well women can do, especially in the creative industry, where there is already a struggle for content to stay relevant. This is why I continue to watch her videos.