The Woman Un-Dead written by Jenny Moran, Co-Founder and Editor of Nemesis. First performed at the Cave Writings meeting in Jack Nealon’s. Enjoy.




The Woman Un-Dead

Ephemera you came to me –

You deserve to be set free.

So slay, stab, die me thee.

Before you were you, I was

she in the poster

with all these old doctors,

winding their scopes ‘round my neck,

keeping their stakes in my body.

* * * *

Van Helsing van-helping

stake-fucking in vans.

Touch me, Sir! Cure me!

How cold are your hands

when you pro-life dump in your vampire graves?

And do you see

wood-dagger fingers through soil?

They’re reaching to touch you.

We’re reaching, Sir! Cure us!

These fingers are heavy

with rape-blood blackberries.

* * * *

I live at the foot of a mountain of dead girls.

But we have the most beautiful church.

The garden seems lusher, more berried, today,

as a priest who looks like Van Helsing arrives,

his crucifix bound to a stethoscope.

Cure us, Sir, with your sermon:

the protection of life.

We’re hungry and you feed us blackberries.



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