With hundreds of shows to choose one, we constantly find ourselves scrolling aimlessly through lists on Netflix. Here Rachael O’Connor tells us why we should give Orphan Black some of our time.
College has been finished up for a few months now, and many of us are stuck at home unable to find a job. 
There are a lot of downsides to this, including boredom, not having money and close college friends being scattered around the country until September comes around again. 
Really, the only upside to this is the fact that we have a lot of time to waste the days away, watching new television shows.
Being one of those bored-to-death people, I asked around about what new show I should start on, and someone suggested Orphan Black. 
This was two weeks ago and since then I’ve finished all three seasons (with a year to wait until season four, sigh) and I’ve become a serious fan. So I’m here to try and convince you all to do the same!
There’s not a lot you can say about this show without spoiling it, but all you really need to know is this - clones. 
When I first started it with the knowledge that it was about clones, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Was it some sort of sci-fi show with a bunch of robotic, evil clones in some big metal factory? 
Well the show surprised me within the first five minutes, and continued to do so for the next three seasons.
Orphan Black is shot in Toronto, Ontario, but the main actress (Tatiana Maslany) plays characters from the UK, America and Ukraine and her accents are spot on. I don’t know about you, but nothing annoys me more than a botched accent in an otherwise engaging TV show. 
Another one of the main characters is Siobhán Sadler, an Irish woman played by an Irish actress, so no worries about cringe inducing accents there. 
Maria Doyle Kennedy, who plays her, was actually in an episode of Father Ted back in the day as the agent of Eoin McLove in Night of the Nearly Dead - you know, the one with the cake jumper.
Back to the show itself, it’s very easy to forget that most of the characters are played by the same person. Looks-wise, the clones are only different by hair styles or dress sense, but Tatiana does such a good job at giving each character tiny, subtle differences in how they walk, talk or express themselves, that she really sets them apart to each be their own fully fleshed out person. 
The show is fast paced and engaging, and you’re guaranteed to be hooked from the first episode. The sprawling plotline gets going from the first few minutes, so there’s no waiting around to see what happens next. 
This is the type of show where there are no real “filler” episodes - every action and every piece of witty dialogue adds to it. Everything that happens, even if it seems unimportant at the time, is leading up to a bigger picture.
I was trying to think of one of those things like, “Orphan Black is like (TV show) meets (TV show)”, but I found it impossible to do so. Orphan Black is a completely original show. It stands on its own and there’s nothing to compare it to. 
It’s honestly the best show I’ve seen in a while, and for me, it really helped fill the gap while I'm waiting for The Walking Dead to return in October. 
The show is full of action, suspense and adventure but has some truly lovable characters and heart-warming moments. 
There are some really tense scenes where the clones swap identities and have to try and be each other for some scheme, and while you’re aware that one slip-up can mean the downfall of everything, it’s genuinely funny to see the actress playing a character playing a different character (confused yet?)
All I can say about this show is that it’s definitely worth your while giving it a go. You won’t regret it. 
Plus, don’t lie, you’ve nothing better to do. How many times can you re-watch Breaking Bad?