Our video of the week comes from film critic Tommy Edison.

Tommy has been blind since birth and reviews movies as the Blind Film Critic.

“I watch movies and pay attention to them in a different way than sighted people do,” Tommy says. “I’m not distracted by all the beautiful shots and attractive people. I watch a movie for the writing and the acting.”

Besides reviewing films, Tommy regularly produces videos that give a unique insight into what it is like to be blind.

In his YouTube series, the Tommy Edison Experience, he covers everything from how blind people use Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, to how blind people cook alone. There are lots of entertaining videos and you can watch them all here.

This week, Tommy talks to his nephew Andrew – who is also blind – about what happens when blind people get drunk.

You can watch the video below.  You can Tweet Tommy here to tell him what you think of his videos - he is an avid Twitter user!