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The nights are getting darker and the mornings are getting colder. Autumn is here and that can only mean one thing; Halloween is on its way. The one night a year that we look back on fondly as we remember our days of dressing up, and gorging on as much chocolate as possible. 

It's easy to forget that Halloween is actually a scary holiday, with lots of ghosts, ghouls and general nastiness to make you never want to celebrate it ever again. With days quickly passing until October 31, we thought we would get in the festive mood by giving ourselves a good scare and recounting the scariest figures of Halloween:

1. Banshee

Supposedly the omen of death, this gal is actually of Irish origin. She is best known for her screams - or wails, rather - as she roams the lonely roads and fields. She is not always seen, but her voice carries miles. Apparently, those with the surname of O’ Neills, O’ Connors, O’ Briens,O’ Gradys and Kavanaghs are more likely to see her. So if you know anyone with that name, you might want to stay away...

2. Bloody Mary

We all know the story; you stand in front of the mirror and say "bloody Mary" three times, and then what? Apparently a spirit, who is known the predict the future, should appear. However, the spirit can be both friendly and evil, so be warned. 

3. Sluagh

Another one of Irish descent (how lucky are we!) is the Sluagh, a creature which hunts down people's souls. They're supposedly sinners who come back as spirits to haunt and steal your souls. They're supposedly from the West, with many families avoiding the west of their houses in order to escape them. 

4. The White Lady

This is, quite arguably, Ireland's most famous haunted woman. She haunts the grounds of Charles Fort, wandering around after throwing herself off the cliff many, many years ago. 

5. The Devil

One who can appears in many various guises - sometimes as an ordinary person, but the giveaway is the hooved foot, so keep an eye out! He's been known to appear previously in Ireland, so I'd spend Halloween keeping an eye on people's feet. 

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