The Urges launch their first album in nine years.

Dublin based band The Urges played a show at The Grand Social in Dublin to launch their first album in nine years, Time Will Pass, on October 28th. Lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Jim Walters explained the nine-year gap as simply “The ebb and flow of life.”


During those nine years the band have kept busy, touring and releasing singles. “We were always playing, that’s the thing. We never managed to settle on anything,” Jim Walters said.

Time Will Pass has been described by reviewers as a “I suppose it’s an evolution in sound. No more chords since then, the very base of things. It’s hard to say. There’s more layers, there’s more depth, but still within a three-minute pop song,” according to Walters.


Jim Walters and drummer Ken Mooney cited bands such as Love, West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, The Doors, and The Pretty Things as influences, describing their creative process as a distillation of all of these influences into their own sound. Their psychedelic garage rock sound incorporates sound effects such as distortion and reverberation, taking listeners to the mid 60s.


Most of the songs played at the gig were from Time Will Pass. Highlights of songs from that album played at the show are “Passing Us By” and “Echoes Softly,” which was released as a single this month. “Passing Us By” has a very Doors/Ray Manzarek vibe. “Echoes Softly” beautifully mixes the ska brass sound with psychedelic organ by Thomas D’Arcy.


Fans of their garage sound on their previous album will love the song “Strangers”.


Now I See” is the best example of the way they put a modern twist on 60s psychedelic music with poppy vocals, definitely a song not to skip on the album.


Up and coming Dublin based band The Fontaines opened for The Urges with an energetic punk inspired setlist. Their sound is inspired by The Arctic Monkeys, The Smiths, Shane McGowan, Buddy Holly, The Pogues, and The Ramones.


It’s kind of a collaboration of all our listening from probably the last few years. Kind of just threw it into a melting pot and see what we wanted to do and lyrically we wanted to go our own way with it,” guitarist Conor Curley said.


The Fontaines have yet to release an album, but are gaining a following in Ireland through their live gigs. “After our first single, we’re gonna do hopefully a tour of Europe or maybe the world. Whichever one claims to be our oyster,” lead singer Grian Chatten remarked.


The band describe themselves as “dancehall punk” and they want the crowd to dance and have a good time. Fans of classic rock, garage rock, and psychedelic rock will love their music and play their new record loudly, as it should be played.


The Urges new album, Time Will Pass, is available on vinyl or CD from Mersol Music, and digital download from Amazon and iTunes.