Get your ultimate fright fix with our five favourite scream-worthy films for this Halloween...
Are you a fan of gory Saw horrors or an old-school Nightmare on Elm Street person? Either way, there’s a horror for everyone on our ultimate list of scary movies to cower away from this Halloween night. 
Nightmare on Elm Street 
A classic of the horror genre, this is bound to keep you awake at night! It centres around the terrifying Freddy Krueger, a child killer who stalks a group of teenagers in their dreams and kills them one by one. The teenagers don’t know why they’re being targeted, but it soon becomes clear when they find out their parents’ secret. 
Nightmare on Elm Street was hailed as an instant classic when it came out in 1984, kicking off a series of sequels and a whole new genre of ‘slasher’ horror films. It’s a bit dated now, but still packs a punch in the jumps department, and it’s a genius concept to creep viewers out – because what's scarier than something that attacks you in your sleep? 
The Strangers 
This 2008 production will give a whole new meaning to every creak or knock at the door when you’re in the house alone! The Strangers follows a young couple who are terrorised over the course of a night by three masked intruders. With no idea why they’re being targeted, Kristen asks the attackers why they’re doing this. The answer? “Because you were home”. 
Creepier still, The Strangers is inspired by real events – a series of break-ins that occurred in the director’s neighbourhood as a kid, alongside the Tate murders, a five-person homicide in California in the 60’s. 
It’s the perfect scary movie to watch on a quiet night in... that is, if your trick or treaters don’t mind being left at the door! 
While horror movies often give up the quality aspect for cheap jumps and scares, REC is a horror that actually stands alone as a great watch. The 2007 Spanish production is a classic ‘found footage’ watch, with shaky camera work and obstructed views only adding to the tension.  
The film starts off as a documentary by a reporter and her cameraman, covering a typical night in a local fire station. They follow the firefighters to an apartment block amid reports of an old woman trapped in her home. 
What follows is more than the reporters bargained for – an outbreak of a zombie virus, multiple attacks and killings and a truly terrifying ending with nothing but the recorded sound to let us know what’s going on.  
The Exorcist 
Widely cited as one of the scariest films ever made, when The Exorcist was released in 1973, many theatres actually handed out sick bags to movie-goers. The first horror movie ever nominated for a Best Film Oscar, The Exorcist remains just as terrifying to this day, even with all of our strides in CGI. 
It follows 12 year-old Regan, who, after a session with a Ouija board (rookie mistake), becomes possessed by a demonic spirit and needs the help of Lankester Merrin, a veteran priest, to perform an exorcism to rid her of the demon inside her. 
From the head spinning, to the projectile vomiting and raspy laughing, this film is horrifying at every turn and is a tough watch. However, if you can make it through, you’re a braver person than me! 
Another classic for our generation, the Saw franchise went on for 6 years before its final instalment in 2010, with each film bringing more gory scenes for us to sink our teeth into. 
The original, which kicked the whole Saw cult following off, came out in 2004 and was a big success and posed the question to us all about how far you’d go to save yourself. 
It follows two strangers who wake up in a room with no memory of how – or why – they got there. As the story develops, they realise they’re pawns in Jigsaw’s twisted game and must play along to escape. It’s not for everyone, but its gory premise gathered a huge fan base and proved a major success. 
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