Over a year ago, the Irish people elected a new government – but just how much has really changed? This is official Ireland. Cue Booker T and the MG’s ‘Green Onions’.

Shane Ross and Nick Webb, co-authors of the 2012 bestselling current affairs book, Wasters, shine a devastating light on the darkest depths of modern Ireland, and show that the blame for bringing the country to its knees goes well beyond the destruction of Fianna Fáil.

In fact, the people who helped drive Ireland into its current economic mess are still running the show. They are lurking in the civil service, on the boards of big companies, in the banks and in law firms. They have escaped blame. They are – the untouchables.

In a detailed and entertaining book, Ross and Webb name names, make connections and show how the bigwigs caused so much damage and got away with it scot-free. In The Untouchables, the duo demonstrate in an eye-opening account how so many of those responsible for ruining Ireland are still in power – and are pocketing whopper salaries and pensions while they’re at it.

The Untouchables is an excellent and entertaining journalistic exploration of Ireland in 2012. Ross and Webb present in a clear fashion how the untouchables have dodged penance.

The authors connect the untouchables’ journey from law firms and banks to the boardrooms, and also examine the timidity and disappointing performance from the current government so far.

The book is an engaging, humorous and frank report on what is really happening in official Ireland today.

Prepare to be angered.

Shane Ross is an independent TD for Dublin South, and a columnist in the Sunday Independent. Nick Webb is business editor of the Sunday Independent.

The Untouchables is out now.