Let Fiachradh McDermott guide you through your next study session with these sonic masterpieces.

We’ve all been in the library around exam time trying to focus, the coffee coursing thickly through our veins, twitching at the thought of the future 3,000 words that still haven’t manifested and unfolded in front of us on the screen. We turn to a playlist, it scratches our ears. Another song takes us to a place where we can’t focus altogether. After searching for the correct music to write to and help concentrate, we find it’s been an hour, the coffee has worn off and the lads are asking for a smoke. Trying to find the correct music for concentrating is difficult, but here’s a quick rundown of music you can try depending on your style.

Techno – Dave Clarke Boiler Room Mix

Heavy, heavy dirty techno in the form of the phenomenal Dave Clarke. Lord knows how many essays I’ve pumped out to this soundtrack. It’s cranking and continuous, helping you get those words on the page quicker than you could ever imagine.



Punk – Wire – Pink Flag

The polar opposite of the spectrum, this incredible release is a classic. It’s great to put on in the background and just chill out to without being too intrusive. The guitar sound is fabulous if you’re into that, and the voice is in such a manner that it won’t make you stray from your essay. The musicality itself is so varied you won’t get bored either.


Stoner Doom – Bongzilla – Amerijuanican

There are three parts to the internet: the weird part; the not-weird part; and the stoner part. Bongzilla epitomize the encapsulation of the complete stoner section of the internet, both with their name, themes and sludge. Though not everyone’s cup of tea, they’re worth checking out if you’re into metal or rock and love a bit of slow doomy stuff. Though I can’t find a video link to the full album, all the videos are on Youtube.


Stoner – Causa Sui – Euporie Tide

A personal favourite, this laid-back chill group will have your ego melting away and you’ll be drifting through the Elysian Fields. The swirling guitars, completely instrumental, are

some of the greatest sounds I have ever heard. A personal favourite and go-to in times of need, it is a fabulous sonic journey.


Rock (?) – Adebisi Shank – This is the EP of a Band Called Adebisi Shank

Though only linking the first album, this group are incredible in the sonic arts. If you select autoplay on Youtube, I’m pretty certain it will play all three of their wonderfully titled albums one after the other. With members from Ireland, they’re certainly closer to home, and though they’ve broken up since, their legacy lives on in the fact that their musicianship will blow your mind. Perfect concentrating music.



Industrial – NIN – The Downward Spiral

Recorded in the house the Manson Murders happened in, this release is prominent in the industrial scene. If you like something a bit rougher around the edges and harsher on the ears (think assignments you really don’t want to do) then check it out. It’s a dark, twisted album that is destructively wonderful.


Classical (?) – Oblivion Soundtrack

The Elder Scrolls IV featured one of the most fabulous soundtracks I’ve ever encountered, and sometimes I’ll throw this feature on and imagine myself riding a unicorn through the green fields of somewhere I can’t pronounce, lighting random animals on fire with spells. Yes, college leads you to some interesting caverns of your mind. Still, the music itself is fabulous, and wonderful to work to.



If none of these do it for you, there’s always checking out the subreddit devoted to music to help you concentrate. Over at https://www.reddit.com/r/MusicForConcentration/ you’ll be able to get a few more ideas. Keep on keeping on, these assignments won’t do themselves in the library.