Charlie Murphy scooped the coveted Irish Film and Television Academy Award for her portrayal of ‘Siobhan’ in Irish crime drama Love/Hate.

Since the young star graced our screens she has captivated Irish audiences and has been tipped as ‘the next big thing’. 

I caught up with the IFTA winner just as she had received her award at the 10th Annual Irish Film and Television Awards. We talked about her appearance in Misfits,  season four of Love/Hate and ultimately the sensitivity of playing a rape victim. 

The stunning actress donned a beautiful embellished gown from the Oscar collection in Fran and Jane. Charlie’s sister styled her hair, she admits she is lucky to be from a family of hairdressers and that her sister was a calming influence on the day. When I asked Murphy about what it was like to win an IFTA she excitedly admitted she was ‘‘shellshocked’’ and “over the moon”. Her rise to fame has been meteoric but the Gaiety School of Acting Graduate has vast stage and screen credits under her belt.

The IFTA winner described the weight of playing a rape victim in Love/Hate:

 “It was scary. Not for the fact of the logistics of filming something like that - but the importance of the subject matter. It was really important to get that right and that was actually the most frightening thing to achieve because you are dealing with portraying something that happens to people all over the world. You see it in the news everyday.”

I quizzed the actress about what viewers can expect from Season Four of Love/Hate, she divulged that her character is unpredictable and that she loves working with the cast of the hit rte show. Murphy reveals they all get on very well on set but that the writing is the true star of the show:

“I don’t know what goes on in Stuart Carolan’s brain. A fantastic brain it is! There’s just so many twists and turns you can’t presume anything, especially not as an actor. We’re always ringing each other as we’re reading the scripts saying have you gotten to page such and such! Oh my god! We are speed reading and speed dialing at the same time. When you think you are going in one direction that gets pulled away and I suppose that’s what makes it work.”   

Love/Hate has been so well received in Ireland, the UK and many other countries. The gritty drama has taken Irish Audiences by storm with it’s dark depiction of gangland crime in Dublin. It’s wealth of talent and ring of authenticity makes the show compulsive viewing. Critics are raving and viewing figures are through the roof but Murphy confesses she never could have imagined how successful the show would be:

“You know when I went for the audition, just out of college it was one of my first auditions with Maureen Hughes who is an absolute gem of a woman and who I have a lot to thank for where I am today! And I am sure probably in the future as well. I don’t think any of us knew how well it would do or how it would explode on to the screen it’s insane!”

I saw Charlie Murphy performing in the musical ‘The sound of music’ in her hometown when she was in secondary school. Even then she had a notable stage presence and it was clear to see she was a gifted actress. In our interview Murphy labels herself as a proud“yellow belly’’ and concedes she can’t believe how long it has been since her days on stage in Wexford. I told her how young and fresh-faced she looks to which she joked about her beauty secret: “I’m like Benjamin Button!”

She is a self-confessed nerd and expresses how welcome she felt on the set of E4 series ‘Misfits’ which has housed several of Love/Hate’s finest such as Robert Sheehan and Ruth Negga. Although Charlie maintains she found it strange and exciting to appear on a show that she watches fanatically herself!

Love/Hate was the big winner on the night. It picked up six gongs, including IFTAs for Best Drama, Best Director for David Caffreyand Best TV Writer for Stuart Carolan.  Tom Vaughan Lawlor and Susan Loughnane received IFTAs for Lead Actor TV Drama and Actress Support TV Drama respectively. So once again at Dublin’s Convention Centre history repeated itself on Saturday night as Love/ Hate dominated the Irish TV scene at the IFTA’s for another year while gaining a cult following at the same time. 

The hype surrounding Love/Hate continues as fans are eagerly awaiting it’s fourth season. And with Wexford’s finest starlet signed up for another year, the future is bright for Charlie Murphy.