Protect yourself at this spooky time.

There's not many days left in October which can only mean one thing: Halloween is a-coming, and it's a-coming fast. 

While the majority of your thoughts will be dedicated to the serious issues like who is holding the house party and how you can achieve an impeccable costume with the sum total of 7 euro, I want to bring up something that we tend to forget. 

Halloween can a dangerous holiday. Longer evenings mean darker evenings, and with the huge onset of people and fireworks out and about that night, it's important to have your wits about you - if only to keep an eye out for ghosts. 

So with this in mind, here's a few simple guidelines to keep yourself safe and scared this Halloween:

1. Keep the light. 

Whether you're going to look at the fireworks, finding a taxi home or bringing your little sister trick-or-treating, make sure you have some sort of torch with you. Most phones have this function so - great! Make sure to use it so you can keep an eye out for anything dodgy on the ground, and to keep yourself visible on the dark streets.  

2. Stay back. 

If you, like me, are going to have a look at the local bonfire, then stay back. I know people say this everything year, but with so many everyday things being flammable, it's really the best advice. If you're after loading up on hairspray and the bonfire gets too close, I don't even want to think about what could happen. Better safe than sorry!

3. Mind your pets. 

This can be a traumatic time for them, so please keep them in your plans. Have a read of what the DSPCA advise for animal protection. 

4. Be on your toes. 

Especially if you're going into the city. This is a time when people can take advantage of the whole scare factor, so stay on the look-out. Keep an eye out for people who may seem distressed or lost from their friends, and maybe offer them your phone for a quick phone call. You'd love if someone did it for you. 

5. Stick together.

A classic piece of advice, but with many people dressed in costume, it can be hard to find your friend through the crowds if you get seperated. Most nightclubs are aboslutely packed on Halloween night, so stay safe, and stay together.

6. Keep the space.

If you're going to be lighting fireworks, then make sure not to do it in your tiny apartment garden. Use a big space, and keep well back after lighting them. Read any and all instructions, and use a safety lighter to ensure you stay far away from the product as possible. 

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