Is your hair in need of a new lease of life, but you can’t afford an expensive trip to the hairdressers? Well never fear, because we here at understand how important hair is. From dry hair, to bleach blondes, to sun damaged hair, and frizz-balls
Whatever your hair type, there's a haircare product out there that’s just right for you. Here are some of our staple hair care products to keep your barnet under control. And the best part? None of them will break the bank. 
Many of us end up with dull, dry hair after dying it and need to regularly treat it to boost its shine and volume. The Aussie products have been around for ages but you can’t go wrong with Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Colour Deep Treatment. 
Not only does it work wonders to moisturise and revitalise hair after colouring it, but it’s also got an amazing fruity scent that’ll last till the next wash. There’s also a regular version that works well for those of you who have stayed natural with your colour but struggle with lifeless hair. The price of this can range anywhere from about €5 to €8 depending on where you go but if you shop around, you might even be able to find them on special offer, so stock up while you can!
If you have the opposite issue where your hair is curly and unruly, the Boots Essentials Curl Creme is very effective at controlling frizz and defining curls. With a light finish, it’s a great alternative to all of those products for curls that leave you with sticky, heavy hair. From many accounts, it seems to be popular with people from looser waves all the way up to tight curls. Retailing at just €2.49, you’d be mad not to give this one a go.
Split ends are one of the more irritating hair issues, and with so many products promising to repair hair it can be difficult to know which ones really give results. They don’t all work for everyone but Pantene Pro-V Advanced Keratin Repair Split-End Fuser is one that really sticks out in my mind. 
It leaves hair soft and shiny while working on those split ends to give a sleek finish. With a price tag of €9.49 in Boots, which is a little over student budget when choosing a shampoo, it’s well worth it. Also, because it’s so luxurious, you’ll only need a small splodge when washing your hair, as otherwise, it may make the crown of your head a little greasy. 
Speaking of those of you who have a tendency for breakage, it doesn’t all have to be about the conditioners and serums. While many of us use heat protection products, L’Oreal Paris Studio Line Hot & Big is an amplifying spray designed to be used when blow-drying, to speed up the process and leave you with bouncy, soft hair. 
This product is a must for people with thick hair who end up spending upwards of half an hour drying their hair, exposing yourself to a lot of heat damage day after day. This product really does quicken the drying time, and the light mist prevents breakage while giving the hair good definition and hold at the same time. This one retails at about €5.99.