From Angel Lane to Charlie Chaplins, here Eilis Walsh takes us through the nightlife that exists in Limerick City, and shows us that there’s a spot for everyone, no matter what your music taste.
Limerick has grown and expanded its night life for years as the student population there grows. 
Coming from the depths of county Kilkenny, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the city has a bustling and exciting nightlife.
There are venues catering for all music tastes and you are spoiled for choice. I had such a great time exploring these places during my first year of college.
Whether you prefer a quiet drink in a pub, jumping around to the likes of Omi’s Cheerleader or getting lost in some great indie music, there really is something for everyone.
Here is a list of some of the main places to go to:
DIE Night Limerick – 18’s – Dolan’s Warehouse
Tickets are sold in all of the colleges’ students' unions in Limerick (LIT, University of Limerick and Mary I) costing €5, but it’s €7 on the door. 
Fans of either dubstep, indie or electronic music will love DIE.
This event has people counting down the days until DIE Night Limerick announces the next event.
There are four areas in which music is played. On the upstairs platform indie and alternative acts usually play. 
The acts chosen to play at DIE each time never fail to get the crowd going.
A mix of unique and exciting artists play their sets on the terrace, in the sub social and in the main area, which is the warehouse itself. You will always find an eclectic mix of people at this rave.
Every time an event is held you have a chance to win tickets to the event.
Flow – 18’s – Bentley’s Late Night Bar, O’ Connell Street
Tickets are €5 and at the moment can be obtained from LIT’s students' union and the venue itself.
Similar to DIE, but in its infancy, it focuses on underground electronic music. Inside the venue, quirky items such as a stag’s head can be seen dotting the walls.
So far only three nights have been held and it looks as though this will become a regular on the Limerick nightlife scene.
Be sure to check out the photos on their Facebook page. Really cool exposure and filters are used.
Molly’s – 18’s - Ellen Street, Limerick
Entry is usually €3.
The best of chart music is played in this two storey late night bar, as well as everyone’s classics from the last ten years.
Different events are held weekly, with last year having: County Colours, A Nightmare on Ellen Street Gore Fest, Skint Tuesdays and many more deals where on offer for the purchase of alcohol.
This nightclub is usually packed to the rafters.
Angel Lane – 18’s - 7, Robert Street
Entry is usually €5.
Just reopened, Angel Lane boasts an enormous venue with the Pit being somewhere you’ll find yourself unable to escape.
Please note, if you find yourself barred from Crush you will not get far into Angel Lane as many of the bouncers work in multiple nightclubs.
The main fear is that once you lose your friend within this massive nightclub you will not recover them for the rest of the night.
Offers on drinks are advertised on the venue’s Facebook page and there are usually good deals for the average broke student.
Charlie Chaplin’s – 18’s – off Cruise’s Street
It’s usually free entry into the bar, where a mixture of rock songs as well as some chart music and some Irish tunes are played.
Very friendly atmosphere, both foreign and Irish students will enjoy the homely feel to the place. It’s very easy to find and the staff inside are really friendly.
They have an infamous 2-for-1 deal on their cocktails, and once you buy a drink there you have the option to spin the wheel and win another one for free.
Icon – 20’s – Denmark Street
For those older and questionably more mature students, you’ve got Icon. As you pass this nightclub you’ll see steam literally billowing from the windows as people cram themselves inside.
It’s not hard to spot as the venue is situated on the corner of the street. For those willing to risk it, there’s a casino to facilitate your love of living on the edge.
The Library -18’s – 5/6 Cornmarket Row
Entrance is €5 or sometimes free.
Local and international DJs play their sets in this venue and once again, your love for chart music is catered for.
Crush 87- 18’s - the Granary, Michael Street
Entry €5.
Crush has an outside dancing area called The Orchard. Last year, Crush played host to international acts Wankelmut, playing the hit “My Head is a Jungle” during the University of Limerick’s R&G week.
Within the main club itself, there is an outdoor smoking area to cater for your needs.
If you shout enough, you can persuade the DJs in there to play another juicy dance tune.
Riddim and Groove- 18’s – The Basement
Entry €5.
In Limerick you are not short of events that cater for the electronic music fan. This genre of music is rapidly spreading through the city with DJs from all over Ireland and abroad playing their sets.
It’s recommended to attend at least one venue playing electronic music, as it’s a huge step up from the likes of chart music.
Costellos – 18’s - 4, Dominick Street
€5 entry, a decent enough deal for us students.
Famous for its Beer pong tournaments, Costellos is a great place to hold charity events.
Costello’s are known for their bopping 80’s nights.
A form of I.D. is needed for all venues, I wouldn’t take the risk of being sent home while everyone else parties the night away.