Lynda Hennebry gives the low-down on Ireland's wildest Freshers Week.

Freshers week 2016 kicked off in style last night with County colour night in Carlow but fear not if you missed out because there is a jam packed week ahead for you.

Freshers week in Carlow is one of the most anticipated Fresher’s week of them all and for good reason, between The Tower, Scrags and The Foundry it’s the hot spot for students so if you’re up for a good laugh this week Carlow is the place for you.

Last Night kicking off the week in The Foundry with DJ JOHN GIBBONS. You know that ridiculously catchy song that will now be in your head for the rest of the day ‘would I lie to you’ that’s the man who kicked off your freshers week.


Tuesday 27th it’s all about The Tower as ROOTS Live shake up the place with DJ OZNIi MUSTAF and DJ NIALL KANE doors open at 11pm and admission is only €3!! €3??? Where else would you be?

Wednesday 28th is in my opinion the best of all nights, it’s the King of all Fresher nights out and with your admission fee you’ll have your choice between The Tower AND The Foundry, what could be better??

The Tower will have ROBOTROCK (who are unbelievable, trust me) whilst The Foundry have BINGO PLAYERS with their serious tune ‘Rattle’ I challenge you to listen to this  without bopping along, Go on I dare you. Supporting them will be DJ Stephen Power so it really is guaranteed to be an amazing night.

Admission is €12, €10 for students and doors open at 10.30pm.



Finishing out the week the Thursday 29th will be the amazing BONGO STEVE from Ultra Europe and EP sticking with a ‘life is a beach party theme’ I’ve no doubt that every person who steps foot in The Foundry is going to have a tropic night.

Admission is €5 and doors open at 11pm.

And there you have it your Carlow Freshers Week line up, you can purchase your wristbands which give you entry to every event this week from IT Carlow Students Union or Dinn Ri reception for €20.

Also follow The Foundry on Snapchat (foundrycarlow) to be in with a chance of winning some amazing prizes and have fun over the week.