Chloe O'Keeffe gives us the low-down on going out in Limerick.
The nightlife cene in Limerick city is like none other.
A range of pubs and a selection of nightclubs cater for the increasing number of students in Limerick, with Mary Immaculate and Limerick School of Art and Design located within walking distance of the city, while Limerick Institute of Technology and the University of Limerick are situated either side of the city.
Monday and Thursday nights in the city centre are particularly popular among students and whopper student deals can be availed of in competing pubs and clubs. Here's where you should try for an authentic student night out inn Limerick:




Costelloes – Dominick Street – 18s+

A little away from the raving nightlife of Limerick city is Costelloes. A lovely, quieter bar located on Dominick Street, Costelloes is a pub downstairs with a dancefloor upstairs. Renowned for the beer pong, and now more often known as “Costies”, the pub is definitely becoming ever more popular with the student population, with numerous class nights out and social events happening there all the time!

Smyths Bar – Denmark Street – 18s+

This bar is connected to the Icon Nightclub, and is the perfect place for a couple of quiet pints with your friends. The outside area has loads of benches and gazebo- type sheltering. With a range of cocktails it is also the perfect place for a girly evening!


Charlie Chaplins – Cruises Street – 18s+

Another sound spot for a few cocktails with your gals is definitely Charlie Chaplins, which is literally a stones throw away from the nightclubs scene of Limerick City. “Charlies” as it’s known to the wider student population is the go-to place when all the nightclubs are closed for entry, and it’s no wonder as the pub has a really young feel to it.

Dolan’s Pub – Dock Road – 18s+

Dolan’s is probably most famous for its DIE night on the third Thursday of every month. For this, I can’t speak highly enough of Dolan’s, as it not only gives up and coming artists the opportunity to showcase their skills, but gives a completely different atmosphere to anywhere else in Limerick’s nightlife. Tickets for DIE retail at 7euro, and can be bought at all college SU’s.



Icon Bar – Denmark Street – 20s+

Icon, attached to Smyths Bar, is where the older college students of 20+ will reconvene on a student night out. The Icon is generally free in before 11pm, if you go in through Smyths. If not it’s usually no more than ten euro. With 2 floors, the downstairs is more old-school, and the upstairs is your average dance music. Thursdays - being the biggest student night of the week is Ladies Night where women get in for free.

Molly’s Bar – Ellen Street – 18s+

With three floors, a great atmosphere and great music, it’s hard to understand why Molly’s isn’t the go-to nightclub in Limerick and is only seen as a back-up for when you’re either stuck for ideas or can’t get in anywhere else. Personally, Molly’s is actually my favourite nightclub in Limerick. The bouncers are absolute sound lads too!

Angel Lane – Robert Street – 18s+

Angel Lane has reinvented itself in recent times, and as a result has become the leading nightclub for Limerick student nights. Angel Lane is probably the most confusing lay out in all the nightclubs/ pubs in Limerick, with three floors and numerous bars. Downstairs has a dance floor and two bars, located on either side of the floor. The middle floor is where you will find the smoking area with a smaller bar and dance floor and the top floor is home to Level 23 which will play a little older music. Level 23 is my favourite floor, as it plays the best music (in my opinion), but once you’re on that floor I wouldn’t leave unless you want to leave for the night, as you have to queue to get up there sometimes. Angel Lane is infamous for their Monday night deal ‘3 is the Magic Number’, where it’s 3euro entry and 3 euro for drinks. On Thursdays entry is five euro.

The Library Bar – Cornmarket Row – 18s+

The Library is where the infamous Stock Exchange occurs, where drinks reach as low as a euro, risk it if you dare! The Library is a great place for a live band, but other than that it isn’t the most popular with the students of Limerick lately.

Habitat – Michael Street – 18s+

Habitat is Limerick’s newest nightclub, and though last year it was quite expensive and a lot of the time ticketed to get in, this year Habitat have started the student year off with a bang with a new Student night, Black Monday, with free entry before 11pm using their app, and 3 euro drinks. Should you not get in before 11, you’ll pay at most a fiver, and can always opt to be put on an ambassadors cheaplist, should you know any! Habitat, is probably a tie with Molly’s in terms of favourites. The music and atmosphere in Habitat is unbelievable, and I like the whole set-up of the club in general.
So, there you have the A-Z of nightlife in Limerick, whether you want a few quite ones with your closest pals, or are ready to hit town and make a night of it, Limerick City’s nightlife definitely has a place for you!