Laura Mulqueen offers the best procrastination content on the web.

We can waste hours on Youtube, trucking through cute videos of baby animals, “how to cut your fringe” tutorials and the infamous “Cinnamon Challenge” amongst other things. Five stand out to me – these are the ones you ought to procrastinate to.


Jenna Marbles -

If you know all about Jenna N. Mourey a.k.a. Jenna Marbles, forgive me for beginning with an obvious one. Jenna is a 28 year old from New York with over 14 million subscribers to her Youtube channel.


It amazes me that there are still people in my social circles who have never watched her videos.


She has approximately 237 videos uploaded ranging from skits to mock tutorials and opinion. What makes this YouTube personality stand out from the rest is her fearlessness, her genuine hilarity and her down to earth attitude.


The appearance of her dogs Marbles, Cermit and recent addition Peaches are also entertaining. Stand out videos include 'How To Trick People Into Thinking You're Good Looking' and 'How to Avoid Talking to People'. Viewer discretion is advised as her language is quite colourful.


The VlogBrothers -



One does not have to be a fan of John Green’s novels to be a nerdfighter, as regular watchers of these videos are nicknamed.


Vlogbrothers is a YouTube channel run by brothers John and Hank Green. Their videos are entertaining, fresh, current and intelligent. With over 6 million subscribers and a diverse selection of videos, this channel could become your new favourite channel.


They chat about the easy things – music, books – but have also got informative videos on international events. The brothers are hyper smart and speak a million words per minute, so listen up.


Christine -


Booktubers will know who polandbananasBooks otherwise known as Christine is. If you are wondering what a booktuber is -- basically they are Youtubers who review books through vlogs as well as giving bookshelf tours, book hauls and book tags.


Yes, there is a whole world of nerdiness out there for book lovers that you may not have even known about yet! With over 186,000 subscribers to her channel, Christine is one of the more popular booktubers on the internet. Her trademarks are dramatic videos, bright red lips and endless enthusiasm in every single video. Seriously.


There is no down day. Unless the book she just read was terrible, even then she is just a little less enthusiastic. Other famous booktubers include PeruseProject, Katytastic, PadfootandProngs and abookutopia. If you study English or just want a recommendation for a new novel, this is the place to be!


BuzzFeed -


Where would students be without a procrastination channel on YouTube? Buzzfeed provides hours of entertainment for those gaps during the day with videos ranging from epic facts about left handed people all the way to “Things Dumbledore Does That Would Be Creepy if You Did Them”.


Often as informative as they are hilarious, Buzzfeed video is king. Their sister channels include BuzzfeedBlue, Violet, Yellow and Pop which are also worth subscribing to.


Crash Course -


Crash Course has video upon video of mini lectures. Psychology, world history, literature, chemistry and ecology are just an example of the subjects this channel explores.


So if there is a question you want answered or a history you want to learn under ten minutes, then look no further than Crash Course. Romeo and Juliet, the Nucleus and the Big Bang are examples of things explained on this channel.

The voice behind the videos might sound familiar – it’s none other than Hank Green, co-creator of VlogBrothers. If you are a nerdfighter or a fan of his videos on VlogBrothers, be sure to check this one out also.