Because you've definitely left it to the last minute, haven't you?

If you, like me and so many others before me, are struggling to pull together a costume in your wardrobe, then fear not - you're not alone. Although the pumpkins have been in the shops for weeks before Halloween, warning us of what's to come, we never seem to put any time or thought into our costume until the minute before you have to leave. 

So if you haven't bought your online or are foregoing one altogether, then you've come to the right place. Costumes don't have to extraordinarily elaborate for them to be effective, nor do they have to be store-bought or expensive. I'm here to show you the way forward: the lazy way forward. 

​1. A Tourist

​All you need are some sandles, a bum-bag, and a map. Throw in a cap and some sunglasses and you're good to go. If you want to be really creative and diligent, then buy or draw a map of whichever city you're visiting. Extra points for authenticity and all that!

​​2. One of T-Birds

Channel your inner Danny Zuko by matching your black jeans with a black leather jacket. So there may not be an actual print on the back of the jacket ... just make sure you face front in all the pictures. Sorted!

​3. A Cold

Wrap up in your best jacket, scarf and hat and keep some tissues on hand - you're the now the Winter cold everyone will be fighting the day after Halloween.

​4. Dead schoolchild

​Told you it was a good idea to keep your school uniform! Wear your old uniform and throw some black makeup on your face et voilà, you're a dead school girl/boy. Creepy. 

​5. An adult

​Dress up as the scariest thing of all - an adult. An adult doesn't partake in such juvenile traditions such as dressing up, so make sure you wear the most ordinary clothes as possible. Oooh spooky!

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