Our Lifestyle Editor Aileen sorts your winter viewing.
It's officially Pumpkin Spice Latte Season, or, for anyone out there who doesn’t suffer from common white girl syndrome, it's October. Which means the return of some great TV series to our screens. It's funny how during college it seems some of the best TV shows appear and somehow lead to putting off assignments and essays. Weird right? Here at Campus.ie we’ve compiled a list of five of the best shows to come back to the small screen over the next few months, here are my picks;

1. Grey’s Anatomy:

Fourteen seasons later, Shonda Rhimes has still managed to tug at the heartstrings of viewers and keep them on the edge of their seats in this medical drama. The show not only gives viewers a look into the medical world, it showcases strong female characters from department heads to Chief of Surgery, while also shedding light on the lives of its doctors and patients. Season thirteen left us in true Grey’s Anatomy style; an explosion, a missing child, a revelation about an ex and that all important cliff hanger. If you haven’t seen the show you’ve got thirteen seasons worth of episodes to binge as season fourteen has only kicked off as of last week.

2. How To Get Away With Murder:

A show that divided audiences everywhere. It was new, scandalous, sexy, thrilling and of course filled with secrets and deception. The show centres around the lives of a group of law students and their professor Analise Keating as they battle ongoing court disputes while trying to uncover a few hidden truths themselves. Now entering its fourth season, we were left with a lot of questions at the end of season three, such as the impending trial of Mrs Keating, and the fate of her students. Season four has just kicked off so if you haven’t seen the show yet I suggest you catch up the first two seasons are available on Netflix to stream instantly.

3. Criminal Minds:

The BAU’s team of profilers are back yet again in the thirteenth instalment of the series. The show follows the group of FBI agents as they profile serial killers and track them down. The series has seen everything from Anthrax attacks, bombings, shootings, kidnappings and terror attacks and yet still has viewers wanting more. Over the years new agents have come and gone but the core group has stayed the same with agents Morgan, Juro, Reed and Garcia alongside Prentice, Rossi and more. For fans of crime and thrillers look no further for your weekly fix.

4. Riverdale:

The show everyone’s talking about; the dark noir version of the Archie comics. Riverdale centres around the lives of teens Archie, Jughead, Betty and Veronica. The gang are caught up in a murder mystery that centres around the death of Jason Blossom, with the killer revealed in the season finale a dark series of events unfolded which have led to one of Riverdale's beloved fathers being shot and battling for his life. The town has been attacked by a new wave of horror, in the form of a masked gunman. Season one is available on Netflix now and season two returns October 11th.

5. Suits:

The only show where a college drop out carrying a bag of weed somehow becomes a lawyer. Yes folks, Suits returns January 2018. With Harvey back in action and Mike in the clear the next episode of suits returns early next year. While a spin off is rumoured show producers have yet to confirm anything, season eight of the show hasn’t been green lighted and has led many fans to believe the show might be off the air after the final episodes of season seven. The high intensity drama has been rumoured to lose one of its core cast members Meghan Markle who is supposedly taking time away from the spotlight to be with boyfriend Prince Harry. What this would mean for the show could sink it, Meghan plays Rachel Zane, Mike’s love and member of the law firm, writing her off the show would be a disaster. Only time will tell with the show and its future, but if you haven’t already caught up on season seven its online now to binge the first ten episodes.