It's Monday - treat yourself.

Monday, we meet again. You're a cruel mistress who always manages to worm your way back into our lives. 

Another week starting can be tough, especially as September creeps ever closer and closer. I'm not ready to say goodbye to Summer just yet, as I'm sure you are too. But you know what might make things a little easier? 

A little present. We scoured the depth of Groupon to bring some cheap and cheerful deals to brighten up your Monday right now. 

1. 60 Eye Glasses Wipes

Okay, here me out. It's not the most exotic thing out there, but there is nothing more annoying than trying to clean your glasses with your t-shirt, only to make them more smudged. Get 60 glasses wipes for 3 euro, and you're sorted. 

Have a look at the deal here, if you can see through your dirty specs, you animal.

2. 60 Cusheen Lavender Toilet Rolls

Another somewhat practical buy, but you'll be back in Digs before you know it, so why not splash out 18 euro and get several months of toilet paper? Your roommates will love you.

Pretend you're a real adult and see the deal here. 

3. Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Save your phone the humidity and water damage, and use a shower speaker to have your tunes with you as you wash. For just over a tenner, this is the perfect back-to-college gift for yourself. 

Buy it here. 

4. AdventurePro Water-ResistantSports Camera

Everyone needs a GoPro in their lives - or something similar, if you're a poor student. The cameras start at 20 euro, and they're water resistant! Make of that what you will, you dirty fecker.

See the deal here.

5. 12 Piece Make-up Brush Set

Get your face on fleek for Freshers Week with some new makeup brushes. You can never have too many...

Buy them here. 

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