Beat those Monday blues.

Another week, another Monday. If you're feeling sluggish and unmotivated, you're not the only one *raises hands in solidarity*

While the weekend may seem hopelessly far away, why not treat yourself on this rainy Monday and make the week go tthat little bit faster? We've done the hard work for you, and have rounded up 5 of the best/quirky etc thing you can get on Groupon right now. So go on, treat yourself. 

1. LED projector

Take your movie night with your mates to the next level. Watching films on small screens is no good anymore, project your film onto the wall and feel like you're in the cinema every night - for less than 50 euro. 

See it here. 

2. Real Techniques Brush Core Collection

Nothing like a new addition to your make-up bag to brighten up a crappy Monday. Get 4 of the amaze Real Technique brushes for just over 20 euro, and you'll be looking flawless.

See them here. 

3. Up to 500 Printed Photos in Size 4" x 6" 

Start that photo album you've been meaning to start for ages and get 100 photos for eight euro. Ideal.

See the deal here. 

4. Silk kimono

Feel the glamorous goddess that you are in your very own silk kimono. For less than 15 euro, I can't see a reason why not!

See it here.

5. Bundle Up Mystery Gift

If you're not sure what exactly you'd like, why not go for an adult lucky dip bag? Apparently it comes with a chance to win a Gold Macbook, iPhone 7, LV/Prada Bag or Apple Watch. And it's just over a tenner. Sure gowan!

See it here. 

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