You’ll want to mark Friday, January 13th in your diary, and not for the reasons you think. This coming Friday will see one of the most hotly anticipated club nights this year finally take place, as the Repeal Project team up with Mother, District 8 and Hidden Agenda for the most ambitious Dance for Choice fundraiser to date. With early bird tickets sold out, grabbing one at €15 on Eventbrite before general release tickets dry up is highly recommended.

The repeal movement aims to see a referendum called to repeal the eighth amendment. The movement itself rapidly grew over the course of 2016, spurred on by the removal of the Maser mural in Temple Bar last July and a wave of other artistic approaches to the cause. This movement can only be expected to reach new heights in 2017. There is a thirst for change in this city, one that is perhaps best observed by the constant presence of repeal badges and jumpers. Anna Cosgrove’s brainchild, the repeal jumper not only became a must-have-it-item around the streets of Ireland, but also a manifestation of the immense desire to see the eighth amendment repealed sooner rather than later.

Fundraisers such as the Dance for Choice club night have become integral to the sense of vivacity and acceptance that pervades the movement. They are also vital in providing much needed funds for the Coalition to Repeal the Eighth Amendment. Although the high-reaching goal for this event has been set at €10,000, the talent on the night makes it highly achievable aim, with artists themselves donating all of their fees to the cause.

You can expect to hear tunes from the Mother DJs, Jenny Greene, Steven Manning / The Hidden Agenda DJs, Kelly Anne Byrne, Billy Scurry and Sally Cinnamon. With the Mother DJs never failing to draw in massive crowds for almost all of their sets and Hidden Agenda running some of the most stellar events and parties in Dublin, you’ll know this night will rise up and live up to the hype.

While the musical talent being showcased on the night is indisputable, Dance for Choice will fill your night with much more than that. Una Mullally and Vickey Curtis of “Come Rhyme With Me” will come together once again to bring an unforgettable spoken word gathering in “Come Repeal With Us”. Also on the night, Sing Along Social will provide an eight song special.

The night is proof of the appetite for change in this country, as well as a testament to the sense of community amongst Ireland’s musicians, artists, writers, entrepreneurs and students as they band together to raise money for a cause they desperately believe in. If past fundraisers are any indication of what to expect, this is not a night to be missed. This will be the biggest, most ambitious club night yet. With eight amazing artists headlining the event, you’ll get more than your money’s worth while aiding an incredibly important cause at the same time.

Tickets for the event can be purchased here.