Social networking was always about fun, but as Zuckerberg has said: “I think a simple rule of business is, if you do the things that are easier first, then you can actually make a lot of progress.” Start using the web the smart way and use the skills of

As a final year student, battling the job frontier along with coursework is frustrating at the best of times. It can be a real confidence shaker and not all of us have the time to be regulars at the career guidance office.  

Along with the nightmares about missing your deadlines, you might find yourself having nightmares about employers entering your name into Google and opening a Facebook page brimming with pictures of last night’s antics, and that tattoo you got on your…forearm.  

We all want our employers to see us as professionals who also have a social life, so why not show them this dynamic online as well as in real life? We owe social networking sites praise for making communication so much easier between friends and family but is this profile what you want a potential employer scanning through?

Of course we’ve all been to college parties and most employers won’t be completely shocked by a beer in-hand photo, but why not offer your employer more and add an asset to your search results?

Most of us have mastered social networking (sometimes I can feel my phone vibrate with a notification before it does), but now is the time to master your professional networking. I know this all must seem new and scary but trust me, when your “likes” start becoming job offers you’ll be glad of the Cork man, Cathal Doorley who created this outlet for us graduates and students. 

An online professional profile is the easiest way to keep your job search in check while also focusing on assignments and lectures., the interactive online CV builder, allows you to express all the different areas of your CV, in a wide variety of formats (even video).

Giving your CV a web make over like this won’t go to waste. The risk of losing your CV will disappear forever and having an online basis to work from means that you can build and add to your CV seamlessly, for free!

Enabling possible employers to browse through your professional profile online gives you a better chance of conveying your professionalism and allowing them to get to know you, without beer-pong in the foreground.

Rezoomo allows job-seekers to present themselves in a way that gives a potential employer a greater overview of who they are and what they can bring to a role.

Get up to speed with this generation of graduates and make the job search easier and more successful.

You can start building your online CV for free on Rezoomo.