It's the eternal dilemma - making your CV stand out from the crowd. Our Recruitment Guru Rowan Manahan has the answer.

How do you make your CV stand out from a crowd?
  • Can be anything from 10 to 10,000 applications for a hotly contested position.
  • Screening and Selection is really Screening and Elimination.
  • Take into consideration what the person is looking for in the position.
  • Be the answer to their prayer.
  • Most people by definition are average. If what you are applying for is something you are no more than average at, the chances are your CV will not stand out.
  • Pay attention to what the organisation needs and is looking for.
What is the biggest mistake made on CVs?
  • Sending out a standard one-size fits all CV.
  • You cannot afford to do that anymore.
  • Most people think it's not worth that much effort to tailor your CV
  • Sniper approach - handful of targets.
How long should a CV be?
  • No-one will read more than a few pages, unless it's a very senior role
  • It's as long as it needs to be, but it must be legible and have key information on page one.
  • Do not endlessly list your responsibilities as these are generic. The Job Title is more important as is what you did with those reponsibilities.
What about CV Format? Bullet points or Paragraphs?
  • A mixture of the two is best.
  • Instead of detailing every mundane task of the job, you could say I also did X,Y and Z.
  • Do not throw in bold, italics and under-lining - it should already be well formatted.
Hobbies on a CV
  • Whether or not you are going to work out at an organisation is not down to your skills.
  • It only needs to be a couple of lines at the end of your CV
  • You should be interested in things outside of work, or complimentary to your work.
  • Include something Physical, Cerebral, Social and lastly Altruistic.


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