So, who or what exactly is BIMM? BIMM stands for the Brighton Institute of Modern Music. Essentially it's a college for musicians, run by musicians. It was first established in Brighton, and later Bristol, and now it's coming to Francis Street, Dublin, Co

In conjunction with DIT, BIMM Dublin will specialise in producing the next generation of professional musicians, singers and songwriters in Ireland.

BIMM offers a course in Commercial Modern Music, which is different to other music courses currently on offer. One incoming student said Anywhere I ve looked only really offers classical and traditional courses. This course is the only thing that really suits me.  A course in Commercial Modern Music offers budding musicians the opportunity to engage in the professional music world and learn about the business of the music industry itself.   Exciting changes in the music industry have made music by unsigned bands and solo acts more easily accessible to larger audiences. However, some musicians feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of new music emerging today and feel they don t have the necessary skills to make their music marketable. BIMM Dublin will give new musicians a platform to hone their business skills as well as their artistic talents and give them the chance to make their voice heard.   So, should we be excited about BIMM coming to Ireland? The answer is yes. Students will have the opportunity to see up-and-coming bands and singers first-hand and will know exactly where to look for them. Acts like the Kooks and Kate Nash have graduated from the UK colleges, so who knows who you ll get to see at the upcoming BIMM gigs which will take place over the year?