Aussie Rules, the sport that may resemble the aftermath of a head-on collision between rugby and gaelic football in the eyes of an Irishman, has been growing rapidly across Ireland and is getting a lot of attention through the West Dublin Saints.

Founded in 2005 by ex-pat Aussies and members of existing teams, The West Dublin Saints' first goal was to grow the fledgling Australian Rules football scene in Dublin and across the country.

Now, six years on, Ireland is one of the best Aussie Rules team in the world, with a great chance of winning this year's World Cup which will be held down under in Sydney and Melbourne this August.

West Dublin Saints players come from a wide variety of sporting backgrounds, including GAA, soccer, rugby, and even basketball, all bringing varied and highly relevant skills to the game.
Training takes place twice a week, usually on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings, with matches in the 'ARFLI Premiership' taking place roughly every two weeks around the country.
Everyone is welcome to come to training sessions; the team is trained by friendly and skilled coaching staff.

While developing the game of Australian Football, it is also very important to the Saints, to provide a good club atmosphere.
The social calendar normally includes weekends away (e.g. this could be Cork, Galway or Belfast), team nights out, team building events (e.g. paintball) and of course, our end of season 'Halo' awards. 

West Dublin Saints - come and give Aussie Rules a go!

For more information, visit the Saints' website on, or take a look at their Facebook group and page.