As the cost of going to college increases, USI’s Rent Book helps students and their families save money on accommodation and related expenses.

The Union of Students in Ireland will launch its annual Rent Book today at Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology. The launch will begin at 12pm and will be attended by guest speaker Senator Aideen Hayden, Chairperson of Threshold, a national housing charity.

The USI Rent Book is an invaluable resource to students setting out on the hunt for accommodation. It provides them with easily digested information on their rights and obligations as tenants and also includes top tips on all aspects of renting.

With the cost of going to college rising every year, USI produces the Rent Book to help students manage their accommodation budget effectively. Accommodation and related costs, such as commuter transport, are frequently the biggest expenses for students and their families.

The Rent Book features three checklists that students should be mindful of when they’re considering accommodation issues. The checklists are as follows:


1. What to do when looking for accommodation

2. What to do when you’re moving in and living in your new accommodation

3. What to do when you’re moving out

These checklists are designed to ensure that students minimise any stress or difficulties they have when looking for accommodation or when dealing with a landlord/letting agency.


USI President John Logue said:

“The Rent Book is one of USI’s most important publications. It provides Students’ Unions and their members with a fantastic resource on one of the top priorities for students. Our aim is to inform students of their rights when dealing with landlords and letting agencies and to give them advice on living away from home.

Students should not be intimidated when dealing with accommodation issues. They should be confident that their student representatives have provided them with the best possible information. The Rent Book’s checklists provide students with a simple way to ensure that they have a stress-free renting experience.”

Senator Aideen Hayden said:

“The USI Rent Book is an invaluable source of information for any student thinking of renting accommodation. I welcome this publication and Threshold is delighted to be associated with it. When you’re dealing with something as important as where you live, it is vital to know what your rights are, how best to ensure that your deposit is protected and what are the minimum living standards that must be met.

Taking the advice set out in the Rent Book will get any student off to a good start. This will encourage students to be aware of the pitfalls of renting and give them the confidence and useful tools to take steps to protect themselves." 

The Rent Book is sponsored by the Private Residential Tenancies Board.