Last night saw Katie Ascough's impeachment as UCDSU President.

Over the last two days, UCD students turned out in their thousands to vote whether to impeach their Student's Union President, Katie Ascough.

The call for impeachment came after Ascough removed abortion information in the UCD student handbook, citing legal advice. The move cost approximately €8,000 and angered many students as they felt Ascough was letting her personal pro-life views get in the way of her presidency of a pro-choice college - the college voted for a pro-choice stance regarding Repeal the 8th movement last year. 

There was strong campaigning from both sides in the lead up the voting. According to the University Observer, overall 6,611 students turned out at the polls to vote to save their president, or to remove her. 

With the final votes tallied and counted, the result was clear. 4540 students voted in support of the campaign to impeach Ascough, with 2032 voting against the motion. This motion saw the highest turnout of student voters in recent years on UCD campus. 

The results were announced just after midnight last night, and Ascough delivered her concession speech, condeming the result following a 69% support vote for her impeachment. She said she "fought the good fight" and that she "didn't want to do something illegal". 

The impeachment campaign has been the subject of both student and national media over the last few weeks, as both sides were accused of lying and bullying during their campaign. The 'Yes' side was supported by several of Ascough's fellow sabbatical officer. 

It's not yet known who, or when, the next President will be elected. 

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