On Thursday, September 24th, Arthur’s Day 2011 was marked with music, dancing, and of course the black stuff, Meghann Scully writes.

Everyone became a Guinness drinker just to honour the man that made the globally famous alcoholic beverage. Monroe's in Galway was a venue that celebrated Arthur’s Day in a big way. The popular radio station I102-104 headlined the event with many of their presenter’s DJin’ and live bands from Galway took to the stage. Upon entry to the venue there were charity buckets. Everyone received a card but many just put it in their pockets, unaware of the information it contained. The card was the contact details of Turn2Me, a confidential website whereby anyone 18 years or older can freely and openly express any problems they might have.

The non-judgemental website invites the youth of today to share their problems. This year the Arthur Guinness fund will be donating to Turn2Me. Every year the Arthur Guinness fund has raised millions for local charities. The fund help social causes across the country and this year Turn2Me were the lucky receivers of this fund.

Turn2me is not only a safe hub for people to express their problems but there is a forum where all the users of the site can discuss each other’s problems. One can remain anonymous on this site while opening their hearts. This website is a vital asset to the youth because unfortunately there is this difficulty for young people to seek help and talk face to face with someone. On turn2me.org, they can be in the comfort of their own room and express their feelings and worries. Talking about one's problems is the best cure for stress and anxiety. The blog is monitored by a moderator 12 hours a day, insuring everyone’s safety and also to make sure that all problems are heard.  

At turn2me.org you can be as open as you like. Tell your story today and watch the heavy burden being lifted. You have a life to live, a life that can be fulfilled. Don’t let a problem ruin your day, speak to someone in confidence. Let your mind do the thinking; let your hands do the typing. Turn2me.org is changing lives today!


Turn2me is a support community website for anyone wishing to share, discuss and offload any personal matters or life difficulties directly but anonymously. The most intimate details or acute feelings are safe as turn2me is supportive, 100% confidential, non-judgemental and it is completely anonymous.

Turn2me is open to people over 18 years of age.