As study week looms over us and the pressure amounts we find ourselves searching for notes we missed, books that are no longer available and start taking fish oils in the hope that they will kick in in just one week! So here is some helpful tips and hints

Cod liver oil is an excellent source of nourishment for the brain. Leading up to the exams feed your brain. ‘Solgar’ have advanced omega oil, a great source of essential fatty acids and oils. It contains omega -3, -6 and -9 which alert your brain and help you to study. ‘Jan de Vries’ also make ‘concentration essence’ containing blackberry, cerato and peppermint to name but a few. With slight alcohol content these drops produce alertness and help with excess study.

One of the most vital study aids is sleep. When your brain is fed daily with ‘x + y’, ‘an tuisil ginideach’ and so on it needs to be rested at night. Most of us have trouble winding down so camomile tea and lavender drops will help fall into a deep needed sleep.

The herbal infusion of camomile was used in the years gone by in Western herbalism to relax and un wind. Lavender drops aid sleep by relaxing the muscles. It can be added to a bath, drops on the pillow or even place lavender extract in a handkerchief.

One of life’s great sayings is ‘healthy body, healthy mind’. Maybe you aren’t a gym goer or exercise fanatic but it does in fact help the mind when cramming for exams. A brisk walk through the college grounds or a jog on a tread mill will aid cramming. Sitting in those uncomfortable library chairs and inhaling that air conditioning for hours on end isn’t the answer!

Facebook notifications and people available to chat increases hugely during study and exams. It isn’t a desire to see what others are at but it’s a distraction from the books and often leads to hours wasted by liking photos and poking friends. Kettle, pot, black and yes hypocrite, but try give your account to a trustworthy friend to change the password for just one week. It has been tried and tested and it actually works.

The night before an exam try to get a sufficient night’s sleep. In the morning, eat a good breakfast such as porridge or eggs and beans that contain protein to keep hunger at bay while in the exam hall. If you struggle with butterflies and nervs before exams invest in a bottle of rescue remedy. The dilution mix of 5 flowers is known to comfort and calm. Simply place 4 drops into some water and let the butterflies fly away.

Wising everyone a successful study period and go n-éirí an tadh libh leis na scrudaithe!