Tired of listening to your mates harp on about their awesome summer travelling through Thailand, working in Vancouver or living it up in Adelaide, while you’re left to wallow in the reality of a depressingly cold and wet summer in Ireland?

Well fear not! Whether you’re spending your three months of freedom working to fund you through the next year in college, or you’re confined to your house with the words ‘Insufficient Funds’ imprinted on your bank card, these next three months are jam-packed with opportunity and excitement, and all within a student-friendly budget.  

So, here at Campus.ie, we’ve decided to make it easier for you by compiling your ‘Top 10 Summer To-Do List’ to ensure an unforgettable summer is right on your doorstep. Nice, aren’t we?

  1. Find a Job
    No, it’s not as easy as it sounds, but honestly it’s a lot easier than you may think! You can be sure that any business seeing an increase in sales this summer will be increasing their staff numbers. Jobs.ie is updated daily and advertises hundreds of positions across all sectors. Even better, head down to your local pubs and restaurants with your CV and ask for the manager, even if it’s just glass-collecting you never know what they might have on offer, and a little bit of persistence goes a long way!
  2. Volunteer
    Give something back this summer and gain a lot. With all this time on your hands volunteering is a great way to open your eyes to the world around you and rewards you with a great sense of accomplishment. From soup runs to fundraisers, Irish charities are calling out for students to join their team of fundraisers this summer with a range of exciting projects. Log on to VolunteeringIreland.ie to discover all the latest volunteering opportunities.
  3. Broaden Your Horizon
    Doing a course is a great way to further your knowledge, improve your CV and increase your employment potential. Learn a new language, or brush up on your Leaving Cert French, it will put you head and shoulders above your classmates when graduation comes rolling around. Even something more practical, like first-aid or computing, could be just what you need boost your confidence and your intelligence.
  4. Discover Ireland
    Road trip! Who needs the sandy beaches of the Costa del Sol when you could be surfing in Bundoran? Our green isles have loads to offer a thrill-seeking student (and on a tiny budget too!). The next time the sun makes an appearance grab your mates, grab a car (and licensed driver), a sleeping bag and hit the road. For those seeking water sports and adventure, Donegal and Sligo offer the best waves around. For a bit culture agus craic, hit Galway, known as the student hub of Ireland you can’t beat a night out on Eyre Square, and if you’re looking for a bit more culture, head further along the coast through Connemara national park. Whatever you’re looking for, Discover Ireland carries all the best insider information on Irelands very own tourist hotspots.
  5. Go To a Festival
    Since the launch of Oxegen in 2004 (and Witness before that), Ireland is fast becoming one of the leading European destinations for music festivals. If a ticket to Oxegen 2011 is within your budget, it’ll definitely sustain you for the summer, seriously, after four days of world-class live music (not to mention the alcohol consumption) in Punchestown, you’ll still be raving about it come September. Electric Picnic, Indiependence, Love Box and CastlePalooza later in the summer offer you a musical alternative and are slightly less expensive. Keep your eyes open for festivals popping up in your own area throughout the summer offering some of the best entertainment in arts, comedy, food and literature. See entertainment.ie for a full listing of this summer’s events.
  6. City Breaks
    For those of you that do want to leave the confines of the island at some stage, a low-budget city break never fails to do the trick. AerLingus are offering flights to Britain from €19.99 until the end of October, and look up Ryanair to find some mind-blowing last minute deals. Edinburgh is a city not to be missed – cheap, culture-filled and craic like no other, it’s the perfect student destination. If you’re looking further afield, Prague and Bratislava are popular choices among students. For cheap and student-friendly accommodation head to HostelWorld.com, which offers thousands of hostels across Europe.
  7. Adventure Sports
    For those thrill-seekers out there, Ireland has a lot to offer from rock-climbing and abseiling, to white-water rafting to sky-diving, it has it all. Grab the Golden Pages and get looking, or even Google, and you will be inundated with all the best adventure sports this island has to offer.
  8. Take Up a Hobbie
    No it doesn’t have to be knitting! There are other things out there, for the girls (and guys, we won’t judge!) dance classes are a great way to go. From salsa to tap to pole-dancing, it’s never been more popular and the variety on offer is outstanding. For something a bit more diverse, how about sign language or origami? Or just learn how to play an instrument? The possibilities are endless. That one thing you’ve always wanted to try? Try it! You only live once.
  9. Get Fit
    This does not have to involve forking out for a gym membership that you’re never going to use, it’s simply about taking the initiative to be a bit healthier during the summer and increase your exercise. When the sun’s shining there’s no better excuse than to dust the cob webs off that bike in the shed or fish out you’re old pair of runners. In college, it can feel like you never have a spare minute with exams and essays. So do it now, work off that exam weight and start next semester with a whole new lifestyle.
  10. Clean Your Room!!!
    Need I say more? When’s the last time you saw the floor of your bedroom? Can you remember the colour of your walls? Is that floordrobe really working out all that well for you? Do it. Now. For hygiene reasons if nothing else.