What is the student discount that is available via Hertz?

Have you ever wanted to rent a car and take off on a world class road trip with all of your friends but held off because it all just seems too expensive? Think again! 

Hertz has come up with a one-of-a-kind student offer on car and van rentals which means that you can speed off down the highway in no time without worrying about the costs. Renting a car from Hertz is not only affordable, but it is quick and easy. All you have to do is make sure that you qualify and that you are eligible to take full advantage of the Hertz student offers which you can find out about right here.

To rent a car from Hertz with their fantastic student offer, you firstly must be a student (of course) aged 23 or over. You also must have held your driver’s licence for over a year so keep this in mind before you decide you want to rent a car from Hertz. Students often find it hard just to get by on a daily basis and this is why the student discount offers is the perfect choice for you. With this special discount, you’ll get 15% off cars and 20% off vans.

A car is useful and necessary for many occasions, whether you need one for a fun road trip with friends or just plan on going on a journey yourself, renting a car is a convenient method of travel because you will have more storage space and you can decide when to stop for breaks and where to go.

You must remember a few things to bring with you before you venture off to your destination. You must have your current student ID to be presented at the location, a driving licence of more than a year old and a credit card in your name to make the booking. You will also need to present all of this at the location of car hire in order to benefit from the Hertz student discount offer so make sure you don’t forget any of it!