Thinking of getting your script checked? We've got you covered.

If you're not 100% happy with your Leaving Cert results, do not panic. You are only one among many, many people who feel exactly the same way. That's why there is the appeals process, for people to review their script and ensure they get the marks they deserve.

If you're thinking about getting your papers rechecked, it's important that you review them first. Reviewing them means you get to see, with your own eyes, your paper and see if there's anything amiss. Rechecking your paper means you resubmit your paper to corrected again. 

How do I go about this?

By now, you should have received a form for viewing your scripts, probably when you received your results. All you have to do is fill out your form of which papers you'd like to view, and your school will organise the rest.

There is no charge to view your papers. But make sure to hand in the form before the date on the form - this year it's August 22. Remember, only you can view your papers. No one can go in your place. 

What happens when I view my paper?

You're allowed to bring someone in with you, and I'd advise bringing your teacher (if you're comfortable with them) or a parent. You're given your paper and marking scheme, so you can compare your paper against the scheme. 

Phones are forbidden when viewing papers. The general advice is to leave some paper and pens outside the room, and quickly pop out to mark down any mistakes or irregularities you find. Make sure to include the question you're unsure about, as well as the paper and subject. Do this as many times as possible during your viewing.

I want to recheck my paper, what's next?

Remember that little piece of paper that you were scribbling on about your paper? That's your Bible. To get a paper rechecked, you first must fill out Form AP1. Simply transfer the info you have on your page into the form, detailing what you want to appeal and why. There is a fee of €40 for every exam checked, and €15.50 for every Leaving Cert Applied exam checked. The fee is refunded if the appeal is successful. 

A different examiner will mark your paper and address any concerns you have. You can then review your papers again, if you wish. 

If you're still not happy, you can appeal to the Independent Appeal Scrutineers, who will check your paper independently of the staff and management of the SEC.

When will I hear?

Unfortunately, the appeals results won't be released until October, which means you could be weeks into a college course when you finally receive your First Choice!

The process is relatively simple, and if you're in any way unsure about your results, I would recommend viewing your scripts, to put your mind at ease.

You can read about the process in more detail here. 

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