Were you unhappy with your first offer?

You would not have been wrong to think that the Leaving Cert and the CAO are finished - things in the media have died down but all is not over just yet.

Today marks the CAO second roud offers, which saw just over 3,000 applicants receive a new offer, according to the Irish Times

The second round offers make it possible for some students to receive an offer to their first choice. Altogether, a total of 1,991 level-8 offers, and 1,317 level 7/6 offers, were made to the CAO applicants in this round.

And it was good news for those applicants, too. Of the recipients of level 8 offers, 967 applicants of the level 8 received an offer of their first choice, and  938 of the applicants of level 7/6 courses received their first choice.
Second round offers are offered to students who were already offered a course, but who were now eligble to receive an offer to a course higher up on their CAO list. 
In general, a lot of courses around the country dropped in points, including Arts in UCD, Law in TCD and Medicine in NUIG.
Round two offers are available to view on the CAO website from 6am this morning. Be sure to check your account, as offers are going to continue being issued on a weekly basis up to mid-October for all remaining places.
But if you receive an offer today, be quick. You only have until Wednesday, September 6th, at 5.15pm to accept your offer.