So what were the highlights of 2014 at Maynooth University? Laura Mulqueen picks out the best bits

Maynooth Christmas Day is one of the most highly anticipated events on campus all year. Taking place on the 8th of December when essays are submitted and most classes are finished, students let their hair down after a long semester of hard work.

Christmas Day illustrates the best parts of the university, such as their friendly atmosphere and fun attitude. Upon strolling through campus on this day, one will see many elves, Olaf's, Santa's, Christmas hats or even Christmas tree lights. Its hard to doubt the creativity and bold personalities that Maynooth sows within its grounds. This event rounds off in the town as students fill up Mantra,

The Roost and Brady's for a night of drunken dancing, smoking sociably in the outside area or sitting sorrowfully with a chicken tenders meal in Supermac's, wishing Tyson punches on the bouncers. There is always one.

Soarfest was organized to bind the launch of Maynooth University's charity of the year, SOAR, as well as celebrate Soulfest.

This week long affair consisted of an outdoor marquee where students could avail of free breakfast all week, chill out on bean bags and write an inspirational quote on t-shirts to spread a healthy mindset around campus. Each year the clubs and societies work generously to raise money for the chosen charity of the year.

Busking, Dance, Circus as well as many other society's getting involved to raise money. Speakers were invited to the college to host talks on mental issues affecting students.

MSU Welfare Officer, Síona Cahill among others, were on board to encourage and stimulate the minds of students, whether it be for the twenty four hour chatathon, registering students to vote for the upcoming marriage referendum or ensuring there were no hungry bellies passing her by on the way to lectures.

The launch itself was stunning and brought throngs of students to gather under the rain as hundreds of balloons were launched into the sky. It also helps there was free McDonalds available post balloons.

Please Talk visited campus to host a puppy room for students to de-stress. If you want to know the science behind the calming effect of puppies, check out this link here. Students flocked to the student union building hoping to avail of a chance to get into the Puppy Room, as it has been aptly labelled around campus.

For those who were fortunate enough to make it into the puppy room, they boasted in Chill afterwards, in lectures, with jealousy inducing photo's on Facebook as well as a smooth decreased forehead and a light heart. Bring on next year of more exams, but more importantly, stress relieving puppies.

Student of Maynooth University were pleasantly surprised when years of promises came through and the north campus ATM finally arrived. Finally. The long queue's and 'out of order' let downs on a Thursday night or Friday morning are no more.

Just toddle along to the Student Union building where there is another ATM. Goodbye long walks across campus and running to Dunnes Stores to desperately get cash before a lecture.

Finally but not least, as many of you know, us Maynoothians are known for the craic, for their friendly personalities and for their innovative minds. It was no surprise then that the launch of our very own Maynoothopoly was featured on the RTÉ news.

Each student was entitled to a free board game of the unique take on Monopoly. Local places such as Smelly Phoenix Bus Stop, The Roost and Chill were included in the game. Not only is this a new tradiiton for the likes of Maynooth Christmas Day, it is a wonderful piece of nostalgic memories to take away for years later after leaving the university.

Photo: TheRetroBlog/Twitter