The Rape Crisis Network Ireland (RCNI) launched the National Rape Crisis Statistics and Annual Report yesterday(23/11) afternoon at the National Library in Dublin.

The key message of the report is to highlight the issue of rape and sexual abuse in Ireland among both adults and children. 31 per-cent of sexual violence was reported last year, the highest ever figure.

The most shocking statistic highlighted in the report was that 90 per- cent of perpetrators were known to the survivors.

There was a 9 per-cent increase in people taking up counselling and support since 2009 and the total number of people reporting to the RCNI were 1,730 in the year 2010.

Fiona Neary, director of the RCNI said “despite the recession we cannot in anyway pull back on child commitment in Ireland”.  This comment followed the shocking statistic that the majority (68%) of survivors of sexual violence as children disclosed being subjected to the violence over years.

The report found that 48.8 per-cent of children that are sexually abused are abused by family members or relatives. Among adults, friends, acquaintances and neighbours were most commonly the perpetrators (38.9%).  Fiona Neary said a reason for this could be “the culture of socialising and drinking in the home”.

A new figure published in the report for this year showed that 2.4 per-cent of perpetrators are males and females working together. 

 Jan O’Sullivan an ex- member of rape crisis mid-West urged the public to “keep our eyes open and be aware”.

The full report can be read on the RNCI website.