In a keenly fought election, Marcus O’Halloran was voted in as the next President of University College Dublin’s (UCD) Students' Union.

O’Halloran obtained 40% of the 4518 votes that were cast across the two days of canvassing and voting in Belfield and Blackrock.

O’Halloran, is a 4th year Agricultural Science student from Tipperary, who’s main ideas included making it easier to get to campus via public transport so that students from beyond Dublin had more opportunities to get involved if they wanted to, reduce the waiting time for the counselling service in UCD and increase the presence of ‘Please Talk’ across campus.
This year's race had four candidates in total, which was a big difference compared to previous years where there have been only one candidate. The candidates that ran against O’Halloran were Cian Aherne, Megan Fanning and Michael Foley.
Fanning is a 19 year old economics student in 2nd year in UCD making her the youngest of the four candidates and also the candidate with the least experience. Aherne, who ran for the Position of Welfare Officer during the last election, is 3rd year Actuarial and Finance student who has been very active across many sports and societies in UCD. 
Foley, is a final year Business and Law student and a former treasurer of the Literary and Historical Society. 
After the voting was completed over the 3rd and 4th of March, the count commenced at 10am on the 5th of March on campus. Fanning was eliminated after the first count with 581 votes.
Once her votes had been recounted, and preferences taken into account, Aherne was the next candidate to be eliminated with 733 votes. 
Of the three candidates, Foley was the most transfer friendly receiving 199 and 396 transfers from Fanning and Aherne respectively.  
Heading into the final count O’Halloran had 1856 votes compared to Foley’s 1550. The final count was completed with O’Halloran earning 2048 votes to Foley’s 1946. 
Marcus O’Halloran was declared officially elected by Morgan Shelley, the returning officer, even after Foley had requested an official recount which saw O’Halloran drop to 2039 votes and Foley gain only two more. 
O'Halloran spoke to about his win and admitted it took a few days for it to sink in. "It's crazy waking up in the morning and not having to meet another thousand people. It was a great experience taking part in the sabbatical elections and I must say I've made some friends for life in doing so," he said.

"I'm delighted I put myself forward to run and it has been an experience of a lifetime. The campaign itself is very draining and really takes every last bit of energy out of you but that's what you sign up to day one and I'm delighted that I did."
O’Halloran will begin his tenure as President of the UCD Students Union 2015/16 in June alongside Dannii Curtis as the Education Officer, Clare O’Connor the new Welfare Officer, Cian Byrne as Campaigns and Communication Officer and Hazel Beattie as the Graduate Officer.
Photo: Marcus O'Halloran/ Facebook