Festivals.ie - Ireland's first festivals dedicated website is launched

Wellies…..check. Novelty hat…..check. Optimistic sun-cream…..check. Now all you need is the €600 for tickets, travel, food and booze and you are all set for festival season 2012!

Festivals are a highlight of the summer for many students, fresh from eye-watering, brain frying exams, a reckless hooley in a field is just the tonic. It may not have escaped your attention, that - while you may have been studying for the past few years, - the country has been busy financially imploding, meaning the parsimonious days of college are likely to continue well into working life. 

Don’t despair, as a nation, we pride ourselves on our resourcefulness when it comes to boozing beyond our means and what better environment to continue this proud tradition than the many festivals across the country this summer. 

On this note of positivity, we at Festivals.ie want to pass on some tips, advice and guidance to help you hit the festivals of Ireland on a budget.


Hitch-hiking can be a cheap and adventurous mode of transport provided you avoid the axe wielding, sexual deviants. A safer option is car-pooling with your mates, or if you have no mates try http://getthere.ie/ and request a lift from a randomer.


It’s all about getting the most for the least and the likes of Castlepalooza - €50 for 3 nights camping is the sort of intro offer you need to be bagging. Forbidden Fruit offers those living in the capital city a chance to go and see some top talent for less than €50 and still retire to the comfort of your own bed at the end of the night. If you are feeling really adventurous there are bargains to be had in Europe. We particularly liked the €100 for the 3 day festival Bilbao BBK where you will see the likes of The Kooks, Snow Patrol, Radiohead and Mumford & Sons.


Naturally bringing your own is the way to go but be warned as some of the festivals (Castlepalooza), don’t allow any on the campsite so check on the site beforehand (or take your chances with a strategy of concealment).  The festivals that aren’t sponsored up the wazoo by corporate alcohol giants tend to be most lenient, so No Place like Dome, where a happy clappy hippy swapsie vibe permeates the air, so bringing your own booze is positively encouraged!

Our advice is, dust yourselves down after the drudgery of exams, fish out your wellies from the back of the closet and get thee to a festival near you to party like its 2006!