So the last night of November is upon us. And not only will the many mo’s of charitable Irish men fly off all sides of the country: it is that time of year when RTÉ puts their prized calf in a Christmas jumper and assures you the festive season has truly

Do you still cuddle up on the couch in your favourite blanket, with a strange urge to ride a tricycle and play with mála? Or do you ba-humbug your way through a speech about some sort of objection to commercialism or, quite simply, boredom?

It is the one time of year when the kids are smarter than the presenters and it’s socially acceptable to dress as an elf. Love it or hate it, we bring you some of the best bits from days gone by. You will never forget RTÉ’s equivalent to the Cold War: Dustin and Pat; that awkward moment with the doll that pees and that strange thrusting basketball game… Just as a child will crash into another on the bike run, a toy will inevitably malfunction. Guests can be just as unpredictable.

And no Christmas jumper can protect you from that. In 2009, the mighty quiffs jumped their hearts out, and one of them ripped his pants. “Oh sh!t I ripped my pants” was the cry but Tubs handled it well for his very first Toy Show and very first purple jumper. And they’re not the only J’s to have made Toy Show history. Who could forget John Joe Brennan? The absolute legend who introduced the whole country to horology

And fashion-savvy Douglas who told Ryan he was “really nailing the Christmas look”.  As joyous as the kids are, the Toy Show can take a more serious turn. What happens when you put two turkeys in the one studio? Bullying, it seems, as Dustin and Pat battled it out year after year. “Bruuuuuutal.”

The Toy Show has been going since the 70’s and, three presenters later, has come a long way. But pre-boom, it was a simpler time, when kids assembled chairs instead of high-powered robo -things that can fly all sides and do mad stuff that a 90’s child could only have dreamed. 

So get yourself a good spot on the couch, a nice hot beverage and watch as children run rings around one of those “grown people” and make us wish we were children once again. The show starts at 9.35 pm, Friday, on RTÉ 1.