Two students from Trinity College Dublin have made it all the way to Sydney, Australia with no money, to be crowned winners of this year’s Jailbreak charity competition.

Salim Sebaoui and Kyryll Chulak who were announced as the winners at 9pm last night travelled all the way to the Australian city with ten minutes to spare, travelling a grand total of 17,223 km in the process.

The Trinity Jailbreak competition challenges students to try and travel as far from their college campus as they can without paying a cent. The students who travel the furthest distance within the 36 hour time limit are declared the winners. The students efforts documented through social media went viral over the 36hour period as they begged, blagged and borrowed their way across the globe.

Last year was the first year of the completion organised by law student Sorcha McCauley to raise money for St Vincent de Paul (SVP) and Amnesty International.  The notion of the jailbreak challenge was inspired by universities in the UK who have successfully completed the challenge.  However while last year’s competition was limited to students from Trinity, this year’s competition was also open to students from NUI Galway, UCD and UCD.  In total the students raised an impressive €33, 687, all of which will go directly to Amnesty International and St Vincent De Paul.

The competitions others participants also covered impressive distances with second place winners, Sean and Aoife from NUI Galway making it as far Bali, while in third place other Trinity students James and Conrad finished up in Hawaii.

You can view the winning team's Jailbreak entry below.

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