Jailbreak 2015 kicks off at Collins Barracks in Dublin on Saturday morning in aid of the charities Amnesty International and the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul (SVP).
This is the third year of the event, which was started by Trinity College students in 2013, but this year the rules have changed from the team getting the furthest from Dublin within 36 hours winning. This year, teams are given ‘Location X’ on Saturday morning and there is a race to that location somewhere in Europe.
The organising committee have also added flight restriction rules, that a team can not take a flight that is over two hours in length and can not fly into, and fly out of the same country.
“Teams are more interesting when they are on the ground. Teams generally have better Jailbreak stories because they can meet more people and check-in more frequently on the ground than in the air.”
There are also four charity challenges which each team must complete before they are allowed finish the race, they will “be short and simple for the teams to complete along the way.” Students from eight colleges are allowed take part in the event due to insurance restrictions including Trinity, UCD, UCC, NUIG, NUIM, Cork IT, NCI and GMIT.
“It’s really exciting this year, there’s a whole new aspect to the event - it’s now a race! Hopefully it will be a great adventure, we will get some anecdotes and raise a lot of money and awareness for Amnesty International and Saint Vincent de Paul,” said Trish McGrath a UCD student taking part in this year’s Jailbreak, and a committee member of the UCD branch of SVP.
Last years winners of the event were Trinity College students, Kyryll and Salim who managed to get to Sydney, Australia within the 36 hours time-limit.