In another famously highly anticipated conference in San Francisco, Apple introduced the world to its new iPhone, iPod Nano and Touch.

Within 24 hours, 2 million iPhone 5s had been ordered, smashing previous iPhones sales records. The question is, do people even care about the changes to these upgraded products anymore, or is it the California company's marketing genius that has everyone with a decent-sized wallet itching for the next pretty but premium Apple product?

Let's not go into the specs. We've all seen previous iPhones, whether it's either in our own hands, our friends, or someone lucky on the train with the 4S. Well, the 5 is basically the same, except now it's got a longer screen, faster internet capabilities, an Apple-made built in map system, and a more educated and cultured Siri (no problems for the Scots and Aussies just yet).

The phone is a premium machine, a mini-computer. It used to be that the smaller the phone, the better. Well folks, they're getting bigger again. Soon enough, they'll be making 32-inch, 3D-screen "phones" that can somehow fit in our pockets. But we both know that won't happen.

iPhone 5's closest rival? Samsung Galaxy SIII. The difference in spec? Both phones are top of the range, to the point where it basically comes down to which OS you prefer: Apple's iOS 6 or Android Ham Sandwhich, or whatever it's called now. There's also that pretty Retina screen on the iPhone 5.

If you've got the cash, make the dash... to the Apple Education Store. There's no arguing about the supremacy of the iPhone, and it looks like this may continue in the iPhone 5. With the new screen, excellent camera and internet speed, it's so much more than a phone. 

Apple did pull some surprises out of the hat, upgrading its iPod range. And yes, they're getting bigger again too. The beautiful little creation that is the Nano looks more like the 5th generation than the tiny touchscreen square 6th gen, except it has a long touchscreen instead of a circular cursor. The longer screen? So we watch videos on it. Watching videos on a screen barely wider than your dad's thumb? I'll leave that judgement to you.


The new iPods now come with EarPods, meaning Apple have finally sorted the issue of the original "I can't wear these and walk at the same time" earphones.

The new iPod Touch and iPhone 5 get "retina" displays, a technology which Apple first started pushing towards the norm with the iPad and Macbook Pro releases earlier in the year. Basically, screens with so many pixels, your eye just can't come to terms all of the pixels!

For hard information on the new products, such as specs and pricing, visit Apple's website. For all your Macbook needs, get your student discount at the Campus Store!