From offering to help with the dinner to making sure you clear the air straight away, Laura-Ashley Ní Shuilléabháin gives us her top tips to ensure that you get on with your housemates.
So I'm sure most of us have experienced the pre-move jitters when  thinking of the people we are going to be living with for the next year.
I was lucky enough to be paired with people that I now consider to be some of my best friends, but unfortunately it's not always the case and you won't always be paired with people that you're compatible with.
Here are some things that might help you if you have a bad start when you move in with your future housemates in September. Hopefully they'll help you out if things take a turn for the worst. 
Clean up the communal areas
It's going to be tough getting into a routine and you really don't need anything to rock the boat in the first few weeks at the very least. Remember that they live in the same house and use the same things, so be thoughtful and clean up your messes.
Don't ignore them 
It's going to be a bit awkward at the start living with a person you've never talked to before, but please try to talk to them. You will be living with them for 9 months and they will be the closest thing you have to a family 5 days a week. You never know, you might have more in common than you think.
Introduce them into your group 
If you know a good group of people going to the same college as you then don't be afraid to invite your new housemate to come along. Alcohol will always loosen a few lips and you might get along with them better than you had before the night out.
Be intentional 
In my house if someone is going to the kitchen to make tea or dinner, we always ask each other if anybody wants a cup of tea or if we want to come help make dinner. 
This really entails a mini gossip session in the kitchen where we all gather to chat about the week and it has become one of my highlights of the week. 
Making a habit out of this lets your housemates know that you're interested in their personal life and interests and will help strengthen that bond.
Let them know 
We always share in my house, but if there's something that you really don't want someone to touch, then don't be afraid to say it. Just make sure you say it in a nice way. 
If there's a new jar of Nutella in the fridge then don't touch it unless you're invited to. It's only going to cause tension.
Offer help 
If at the start you feel like you don't know them well enough to intervene, then think again. If they look down or look like they're just not coping with everything, just remember that they could be dealing with the same things as you. 
Ask them if they are okay over a cup of coffee. Even letting them know that you're there to talk can do more than you can imagine.
Deal with things straight away 
If you have a problem with something your housemate is doing or saying then don't put it off, make sure to tell them. It's better to clear the air now than letting the tension build.
Turn off the electronics once you are finished
Imagine coming into the kitchen and the TV is on so you sit and wait for 10 minutes for your housemate to 'finish' watching their program. It turns out that they're not even in the house. 
Do everyone a favour and turn off the electronics after you. It saves a lot of time and also energy which is also good for saving the pennies.
An open door 
My housemates and I have an open door policy that we never really agreed about, but it just kind of happened. Our doors are nearly always open to each other -unless we need our own time to ourselves. 
I find it really encourages each of us to bond, because if one person is laughing at a funny video on YouTube then the others are going to get involved and ask what's so funny.
A closed door 
Sometimes it's best to just take the hint. It could have nothing to do with you, but your housemate might just need some time to relax on their own.
When I want to spend some time on my own, I tell my housemates that I'm closing my door, but to call in if they need to chat or need anything from me.
Sometimes it's best to just accept that no matter what you do, you and your housemate will never get along. If you've tried all these things then you can safely say that you tried your hardest. 
Some people just aren't meant to be friends. And when you think about it, it's only for 9 months, at least you'll know for next year.