By Aoife Mulford, DIT Intern

The Copenhagen Conference on climate change took place from the 7th of December 2009 to the 19th of December 2009. Officials and ministers from 192 countries attended the conference to try and come up with a solution to climate change.

The conference looked to be heading towards total failure but the leaders managed to scrape together a last minute compromise that did not contain any binding agreements. Leaders agreed to work towards targets set at the start of the conference which leaves a lot open to interpretation.

The Irish Union of Students alongside student organisations from around the world, demanded action from the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Hopenhagen (the name awarded to Copenhagen as a result of the conference). USI joined forces with the National Union of Students in the UK (NUS-UK) and the European Students Union (ESU) to petition delegates at the conference to finally reach an agreement on how best to address climate change. The petition received the endorsement of 23 national student leaders in Europe.

Fear that climate change will indeed be unstoppable in a few years time has brought people together in an effort to force countries such as China to control its carbon emissions. The aim is to stop and possibly decrease the effects that climate change is already having on the world.

Countries are experiencing weather that is foreign to them because of global warming resulting from human activity such as fossil fuel burning and deforestation. It remains to be seen if the conference's aims to build a better future for our planet and a more sustainable way of life will succeed.