Interior Architecture students from Griffith College Dublin are set to exhibit work focusing on what O'Connell Street could be like for the 21st century.
The fourth year students, alongside the the Five Lamps Arts Festival, are set to exhibit their work this Thursday, in Clery's Heritage Gallery.
This exhibition is informed by the Documentary ‘The Street’ that aired on RTE last July and which documented how O'Connell Street is perceived today.
The students are focusing on the concept that O'Connell Street is seen as a place one passes through, rather than a destination in itself. They argue that this is very different from 60-70 years ago when it was the social, cultural and entertainment hub for the city, if not the country.
The students examined buildings on upper O’Connell Street and considered how new uses might encourage a new image for the street as a whole. Extensive historical research was also done before work started.
The exhibition will be hung in the 3rd floor of the Heritage Gallery, and will feature a partial model of O’Connell Street upper directly outside this to show how buildings such as the Ambassador and Rotunda could be re-imagined for the next generation's users.
There will also be visuals of the exterior facades of the buildings that the students are working on and they will include a brief written description of what these new uses could do to the perception of the street.
Senator David Norris is also set to open the exhibition at 6pm.
The exhibition will run from March 26th until April 3rd.
For more information regarding the exhibition, just click here.