Fresher’s week is the first chance you get to mingle with your new class and potentially your best friends for the next three to four years.

 It’s also probably your first taste of college social life. Your college will be thronged with fellow freshers, promo stalls from businesses, nightclubs and college societies. One word of advice, take it all in, because it’ll be the most hectic week of your college experience, bar the week your dissertation needs to be handed in. But that’s way down the line to be thinking about just yet, so let’s proceed!

If there’s a week to break you into college softly, Fresher’s week isn’t it. Crazy from the word go, but guaranteed to make you plenty of friends, in and outside of your course, make the most of this week, bring all your friends too, because there’s free stuff for everyone!

For in-class bonding, orientation or induction week is the best week to meet your class, and goes some way to forming your friendships for the whole year.

It’s important to be open to friendships with just about anyone too; this isn’t secondary school anymore. If you’re straight out of the Leaving Cert, you may be surprised to be sharing a classroom with someone twice your age. But this is the greatness of college; you can share a class with absolutely anyone and you're all treated as equals. Mature students are usually the ones with the best stories, and the ones with the most life experience, so there’s plenty to learn from them. International students have a completely different culture behind them, and this diversity is one of the greatest things about third level education.

As fun and random as Fresher’s week may be, don’t forget about the underlying theme: education. It’s good to be mentally prepared for Fresher’s Week and all that follows, so we’re going to help you! Complete this list and you’ll already be one step ahead, making integration into college life that much smoother.

Get following the essentials together during this week, and we’ll be very proud, even a bit surprised, that you did more than collect bags of freebies.

1.     Join at least one club

2.     Join at least one society

3.     Get involved in your Students’ Union from the beginning by going for Class Rep.

4.     Avail of the many freebies going during Freshers’ Week.

5.     Introduce yourself to at least five people.

6.     Go on at least one night out with your new classmates you met in Induction week.  And drink sensibly; don't make a messy first impression.

7.     Don’t miss the next Fresher’s day because of the night out before.

8.     Go on a night out with one of your friends on their Freshers’ Week too; it’s important to mingle with students from different courses and colleges.

9.     By the end of Fresher’s Week, have enough free pens collected to last you the academic year.

10.  Finally, enjoy yourself, and the four exciting years ahead of you.