Is this surprising to you?

This year's Leaving Cert results has shown quite a stark gender disparity, with girls, on average, receiving better grades than boys.

According to the Irish Times, girls received more of the top grades in 32 out of the 38 subjects at Higher Level, and this pattern is similar at Ordinary Level. Boys received higher grades in just 6 if the available subjects, which include maths, chemistry, agricultural economics, engineering and economics.

It's interesting to note that the subjects in which boys perform better are typically "male subjects". It's understood that participation rates play a big part in these statistics, meaning that typical gender ideas of boys studying maths and girls home-ec take longer to change than we had thought. 

Over 60% of candidates who sat Higher Level language papers were girls, while just 260 of the 4,586 students who sat the HL engineering were girls. 

Biology was one science subject which drew a lot more girls. 

The subject availibility of these subjects must also be taken into consideration, as most all-girls schools do not offer typically masculine subjects, and likewise with all-boys school and typically feminine subjects. With such a stark difference in statistics, it's about time that we take gender out of the equation when choosing what subjects to study, and make all subjects fully available to all students in Ireland. 

The Irish Independent reports that girls are also less likely to fail their exams. They also report that girl's success at this age is somewhat related to the activities girls did when they were young, such as dance and music. 

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